Wednesday, September 2, 2009

it was perfect...

I found out that the girl didn't play Maria. They just look very, very much alike. So, my bad.

I was so glad to see Zach, I almost started to cry. We hugged and hugged for a long time, just holding on to each other. He was late tonight, and I kept catching myself wondering what could have gone wrong (for example, car wreck, beaten up at school, kidnapped, and other outrageous scenarios). In reality he was coming straight from an audition. He made callbacks!!! I'm so excited for him! I bet he'll get Tommy Jeelis (spelling?). He'd be perfect, because he's a fantastic dancer AND he can sing. The dancing is more important for that part though (Music Man). I can't wait to find out!

Zach almost killed me a couple of times. The first time had to do with a costume piece. Before the show started and during the beginning of the first act, we found an apple that had fallen off of his costume (fake food rocks for stage). At first the two of us were tossing it at each other, and then a few other kids/teenagers started to play. Instead of tossing the apple, Zach started kicking them to us. He almost took my head off. I just thought it was funny; he ran away and hid in the costume rack. When I chased after him my make-up smeared. I was about to go over to the full length mirrors to fix it when he stopped me and fixed the smudge himself.

Be still my heart! No boy has ever touched my face before, except to smack me for beating them when we were in kindergarten. Second time with Zach. Wow. That was the second time he almost killed me.

MOLO got a huge cheer. The whole audience was being rather quiet during this performance. That usually happens on a Wednesday night, but it kind of threw off the performers in the first act. Our job as Ozians was to spike up the energy level. We did. I always do really well in that number-it's not difficult and I feel extrememly comfortable with it. I mean, there's hardly any tech involved at all (no strobe lights, black lights, lasers, or smoke like in J-bug). Not to mention the fact that Zach and I usually stand together on the balcony five minutes before intermission ends, then go down onto the stage and talk for a bit behind the curtains with our other friends. He always gives me a hug before we go to our positions, me on right stage and he on the left. Tonight the lights went down a lot faster than usual, and neither of us could see a thing. He reached out and found me, then pulled me into a hug. I so did not want to let go. It was like the whole world had disappeared with the absence of light, and it was just the two of us on the empty stage. *sigh*

Jitterbug was perfect tonight. I'm so glad it was, because not only did it make me feel Ozsome but Zach was standing in the alcove watching the whole thing. I had no idea until I went offstage and I saw him standing there, grinning from ear to ear. He said it's his favorite number in the show. Mine, too, though I've never actually seen it.

Everything was basically amazing. And wonderful and fantastic and just perfect.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

separation anxiety...

Not good, not good, not good. 19 hours and counting until I'm back again. 19 hours and counting...counting...counting...

Sick, sick, sick. Can't concentrate, can't sleep, can't eat. Fuzzy thoughts and twitches and shaking. Ugh. Who knew?