Tuesday, December 29, 2009

lack of motivation much?

So it's almost the end of the year, and I haven't posted in almost a month. Reasons?

1. Lack of motivation
2. Too sad to write anything down
3. Too busy
4. Too much Facebook
5. Avoiding writing anything down
6. Basically lack of motivation

Stupid reasons. All true. Woo hoo.

It's been very cold here, and very, very dark. I was so excited for the winter solstice, because that means the days start getting longer. That means more light! But...then it stopped being cloudy and overcast, so less light was being reflected from the clouds...and it just feels darker and darker. Joyness.

Let's cast a little light on the situation by listing some good things that happened. Just for me, but you can join in if you'd like.

1. First ever performance with A Cappella Choir at the library. It was amazing! The percussionists (aka Jason, who pretty much outdoes everyone else) were the best.

2. Hanging out with Zach, Noelle, and Daniel (Zach's little brother).

3. New sneakers (which I really did NOT want to get because then you have to break them in and they feel funny, but my old ones had holes in them [but they were comfy!!] and mom made me get new ones) that are my new favorites. :)

4. Passing my Meteorology and Communications finals (a total miracle-I ended up with an A in Communications and a B in Meteorology).

5. 120% on a math test. O.o My teacher said that's the highest score she's ever given, because I didn't miss a single question and got all of the bonus questions right. Apparently I'm the only one in the class that has raised their grade rather than dropped it this term (yeah, 98% last term to 100% this term...big jump indeed. lol).

6. December Christmas concert with A Cappella, Concert Choir, and Ariosa. The whole thing was a total success (after the concert...not so much. bad night).

7. Thanksgiving at Nana's house was not too bad...boring and no pumpkin pie (wtheck?!). Could have been worse though. At least this year we didn't get forced to watch The Twilight Zone. :P Lol. That was awful!

8. Singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" again for a basketball game. It was a total shock, but they couldn't find anyone else to do it and since I in choir 3rd period, Mrs. Millard asked me to. Apparently I did a great job, because parents of students and the coaches of the other team talked to me about it. Oh, and the boys on the opposing team kept watching me. Awkward, but fun (did I just say that? haha...:P lol).

9. I asked my friend Tyler to Preference! And he said yes. :) The dance is the same day as my birthday!!

10. Seeing Tony at the Christmas concert! It was amazing!

11. Not being ignored by Jason. Finally. :P He's so weird. Lol.

12. Making new friends in choir, aka Deborah (with our twin turtle necklaces) mostly. I love that girl!

13. Quitting my job at the Scout Shop. Good thing, too. I was so done.

14. Making the cut for "West Side Story" dancers! I tried out for everything the Seasons of Love Concert in February, and I'm going to be one of the dancers in the "Amereeca" section of the "West Side Story" number. !!!YAY!!! I'm also a pre-show character. I'll help escort people to their seats and generally make a fool of myself to make people laugh. Terrified about that bit, but...we'll see.

15. Accidentally seeing Mrs. Mathews comment on my "Somebody to Love" audition for the solo. One word, underlined. "WOW." That totally made my life right there. Even though I probably didn't get the part (I didn't check the final list-it wasn't posted when my classes were done and I didn't want to hang around the school for two hours waiting. I just went home and started Christmas break two hours early. :) ), it totally was amazing.

16. Dropping off presents at my Oz buddies' homes. At least the ones who I remembered where they lived. Belen and Jaz, the Ewells, and the Heywoods. Meghan went with me, and we also stopped at Noelle's house and Nana's. Sad part? Zach WAS home, and we didn't know, so we didn't say hi! I felt so bad. Still feel bad about it, actually.

17. Christmas at grandma and grandpa's house. We've never done it before, and the reason we went up was kind of not so good (grandpa was in the hospital last week), but it was really great.

All for now. I have to go get ready for the day. I know...almost 1:00 and I'm not dressed. Haha!