Wednesday, April 29, 2009 with it. ;)...

I'm too tired to post much today. I'll post tomorrow, along with what happened yesterday, today, and tomorrow (or what will be today. and today will be yesterday. and Tuesday will be the day before yesterday. :?).

'Night! (Finally! I get to go to bed!!! YES!!!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

little miss...sock?

Stole this idea (or borrowed. borrowed without permission) from God of Another World.

1. Choose a nursery rhyme. Example:

Jack and Jill
went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down
and broke his crown
and Jill came tumbling after

2. Choose three words. Example: Tiger, cookie, truck

3. Alternate your words and insert into the nursery rhyme at every third word. Example:

Jack and Tiger
went up Cookie hill
to truck a pail tiger water
Jack cookie down
and truck his crown
Tiger Jill came cookie after

4. Say both versions out loud. How did the new words change the rhythm, meaning, and tone in your nursery rhyme? That is the power of poetry, and the power of words - change three words and you will create something new, destroy something old, and alter a story.

5. Post your new nursery rhyme in the comments below, my young poets.

So. I gave it a whirl, and here's what I came up with. *snigger*

Little Miss Muffet
sat on a tuffet
eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider
that sat down beside her
and frightened Miss Muffet away.

random words: sock, candle, dish

Little Miss sock
sat on candle tuffet
eating dish curds and sock.
Along came candle spider
that dish down beside sock
and frightened dish Muffet away.

Dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. Now you try it. :)

And no, this is not my poem for the day. I'm posting that tomorrow, because I'm rather stuck.

Now back to the homework. Erg.

Monday, April 27, 2009

bad bad bad...

I know this post is a few hours early, but I'm going to go to bed at a decent hour tonight. For once.

I LOVE Pandora Radio. Create a "May It Be (from the Lord of the Rings)" station. Beautiful. It's so amazing.

Been thinking about staircases lately. How hard it must be to build one-getting it balanced just right and having it sturdy enough so someone won't fall through. I wonder who came up with stairs in the first place, or if they just appeared naturally.

Today was bad. I honestly can't remember a single good thing that happened, no matter how hard I try. Maybe I can just make one up. Let's say that the fact that I was able to deposit my check from work was a good thing. 'Cause I did that today. And now I can't spend it, because it's put away. That's good, too. BUT...Everyone (not everyone, just a lot of people) at school are fighting about the dumbest things. My lunch table people, for example, were yelling at each other about stuff that happened over a month ago. A girl in my class got mad at the boy who graded her paper because she failed. Wouldn't have mattered who graded it, she still would have failed. Kids in my Ceramics class argued about our projects, people in the halls call names and shove one another.


Oi. I think we need another Spring Break. And I need some dinner. Ta.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i suck at everything...

SNM Youth Counselor Fireside...

All right. Today was a good day. Church was not so bad-dad spoke on integrity and did a good job. Mom taught the Sunday School lesson on why we worship, and Sister Cronin taught the Relief Society lesson on more worshipful prayer. I went to Relief Society with mom today because all of the Laurels (oldest young women in the ward, ages 16-18) went to the Singles' Ward for an introduction thing and I stayed so I could hear my parents talk/lesson.

Here's how all of this works: In the LDS church, 12-18 year old girls are in Young Women's, which is just Sunday School stuff and activities during the week. The 12-13 year old girls are Beehives. The 14-15 year old girls are Mia Maids. The 16-18 year old girls are Laurels (me). It include 18 year old girls because you don't "graduate" from Young Women's until you graduate from high school. This means that when I turn 18 I'll still be in Laurels until I graduate a few months later.

Graduated 18 year old kids (boys and girls) enter the Singles' Ward, which runs the same was as a regular ward in the LDS church (a ward is just all of the people who go to the same block of meetings-it's generally divided up by neighborhoods and such. Our building has three wards in it) but none of them are married.


After church I came home and the home teachers visited with us (home teachers are men in the ward who teach a lesson at their assigned family's home once a month. I don't really know why we do it, but it's kind of fun sometimes. Our home teacher knows all about Harry Potter and LOTR and Pirates. Not to mention math...), after which I took a sort of nap. We had a lovely taco salad dinner, courtesy of mom, and I got ready to go to a fireside for all SNM youth counselors.

I can honestly say that I have not felt so amazingly wonderful in a long time. Every single person in that room cried at least once because the feeling was wonderful. The experiences and testimonies about what we do there were awesome. I got up and spoke about my time with Sheleena and Emily, and how wonderful they are. It was so cool to hear all of the different stories and to realize how much we have all been changed.

Ah, shoot. Mom wants me off. I wanted to write and tell you all about how wonderful SNM has been to me. Perhaps I'll share tomorrow?

week in review...

Sunday: Went to church, listened to an amazing talk by Megan, a friend of mine who came home from her mission a couple of months ago. I'm glad I decided to go. It was great.

Monday: School sucks. At least I've got some good friends (yay for Multimedia corner of doom boys :) ). I didn't have to work. That was good. Later in the evening my sisters and I babysat for a single mom who has four kids, works three jobs, has two dogs, and is super stressed out. I helped each kid clean their room, tidied up the rest of the house, cleaned the kitchen, and played with each of the children and my sisters. I was happy to help my new friend out; the lady is super super nice and she has the greatest kids.

Tuesday: Woke up not feeling well. Tried going to school for third period but ultimately failed-I came home early after calling a neighbor to check me out. Meghan and her partner didn't win at State History Fair, and both were rather relieved. Mom told me to lay on the couch with the window open and watch a movie. I did. Picked Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and enjoyed it so much that I watched it again when my family got home. I don't know if I like those movies because they're well made, or if it's just the fact that Orlando Bloom is so darn handsome. Maybe it's both. I suspect it's predominantly Orlando Bloom, though. We also watched the second film, which was good too. Again-Orlando has something to do with it.

Wednesday: Stayed home again. What? I didn't feel well, okay? Besides-I hadn't had a chance to watch At World's End yet. And I did go to work, Tuesday and Wednesday. So there. First cast meeting, which went all right, except for the fact that I ended up in tears three or four times from fear and feelings of absolute worthlessness. Thank goodness that my dogs were with us. Yes, Misty is Toto. Buddy comes because he gets so lonely when he's home by himself. I still don't know what I am. Neither does the director. *shrug* Whatever.

Thursday: SNM night!!! It was great-even though I did have to drive myself. Scary. Oh, well. A button popped off of my uniform, and I didn't have time to sew it back on before work, so I cheated. I put on a t-shirt underneath. Technically it's not official, and a uniform Nazi could have a fit, but too bad. I'm not going to work with an open shirt and nothing underneath it. Sorry. I also had to pay for gasoline because my dad forgot to fill it up before he left on his trip. Again. Second or third time he's driven it to empty. *sigh* Annoying, because my parents get on my case when I spend money for anything, even if it's food for the car. Oh, and I didn't go to school. I watched the same movies again. Tee hee.

Friday: Went to school. What a mistake. No, it wasn't too bad, actually. Just lame and boring and ughness as usual. Work wasn't bad, and I bought some bird feeder kits for my sisters. So far they're still on the table untouched. I should go get some wood glue and do them all by my onesy. Hm... I also brought dinner home because I was too tired and too unhappy to cook. Just pizza, cookies, and soda. Along with some grapes and carrots and stuff. We watched the first film again (need I type it out? Nope) and had a grand old time with our junk food and Will Turner squeeness. I finally got the Awards Assembly pushed out of my mind and all of the disappointment that came with it. I nearly got the issue of no Prom date off of my mind, too, helped by the presence of attractive pirate onscreen.

Today: More pirates!!! All three, actually. I think. No, just two and three. Sort of half-hearted attempt to clean my room (more like throw stuff in the closet and the crack between the wall and the bed to give an appearance of cleanliness, because I DON'T CARE), did not go shopping, did do laundry, and did shower. So most of my plans came through. Did not, however, find it possible to contact aforementioned Sparrow and Turner to help me locate my scribblings of poetry, so did not find the papers swallowed by the Locker of Davy Jones. Another time, perhaps.

And now-off to bed.

Oh, bugger! I almost forgot. I went for a walk in the rain today with my sister. It was quite fun, especially the part where I pretended to be a certain member of the crew (NOT Elizabeth, and seeing as she's nearly the only female, you'll have to figure out who it is I've made up, 'cause I'm not telling) who's soaking wet and helping to bail out the ship. Ah, the imagination. I took my camera and found some lovely wet flowers to photography. Perhaps I'll post them tomorrow. It was very enjoyable, though, even though I got very, very wet and my camera got a tad bit dripped on, too. Thank heavens for a gigantic umbrella and a sister who does what she's told. ;)

This post has been absolutely nothing but randomness. I'm having a hard time following it myself, and I'm the one whose lived out this blasted week.

NOW I'm going to bed. Maybe.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

disappearing act...

I have been absolutely depressed, miserable, melancholy, blue, insecure, whatever you want to call it, for days. I've watched all three of the Pirates of the Caribbean films three times in three days. I've ate too much junk food, sluffed too much class (yes, sluffed is a word), and had too much sleep. So, I went to school on Friday, had a pleasant run-in with before mentioned boy, and decided to take his advice and try to be happier. So I'm blogging again. Like I said, you can't avoid contact with human life forms forever, online or off.

Okay. I will be posting the poems I missed this week in a post later this evening ('cause I did write them, but I lost the papers somewhere in the Davy Jone's Locker of my backpack and need to strike some sort of bargain with Jack Sparrow and Will Turner to help me find them again [do I have anything they'd want? Not really.]), along with a short summary of what happened each day during the week. More for my benefit than for yours, because this week has been pretty much boring and a waste of my life. But I want to be able to remember it.

Now I'm going to do laundry (not mine. My dad's, because he totally butt in line in front of my basket. :P), shower (hurray for hot water! It's actually working! More on that later...), and go shopping. Double hurray for coupons, no?

Oh! My friend got asked to Prom. YAY, COTY!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I love bowling.

(I only took this picture because I liked the colors of the balls next to each other. :) )

I went again with my sister this evening. I got a strike!!! I also got over 100 points for the first time ever! Highest score in my life: 120! Amanda also got over 100, bowling 104 points. Her highest ever, too. It was so much fun. Before we went bowling, we went to Christopher & Banks so that I could look at the shirts that were on sale. I got two shirts and a vest. I'm excited. We also went to Hogi Yogi after bowling and got smoothies. She got Watermelon Wave and I got Peach Treat. They tasted a lot better until my mom told me that they were actually not very good for you. :P Dang it.

Work was all right. Mostly boring and at times nerve wracking. I did data entry a lot for something like inventory (reassigning items in the computer?). And then there were all of the people who came in to get stuff for the camps. It was crazy, and then dead, and then crazy, and then dead. Oy. I almost got yelled at by customers twice (one for prices, one because she had no money left on her account. like it's my fault) but Michelle saved me. Thank you, Michelle.

After work I sort of took a nap, watched more Bewitched, and watched M*A*S*H. Please enlighten me. Does the title have an asterisk after the H, like so: M*A*S*H* :? I can't remember. The one with it after the H looks better. I don't know.

Let's see. Did I do anything else? I forgot to take my camera with me. I missed out on so many cool shots. *kicks herself* Stupid! I'll just have to go back. Too bad-more shopping and bowling. That just sucks, you know?

So I keep thinking about somebody. Not that one. Another friend of mine, named Kevin. I woke up thinking about him, and I haven't been able to get him off of my mind. He's a good friend of mine, and I haven't talked to him in forever. Should I send him and email or call him tomorrow? He just keeps popping up in my head randomly. No lovey-dovey, gooey stuff. He's just circling in my thoughts. Kind of annoying, actually. Hm. I'll shoot him an email or something.

Okay. I'm done now. Sorry the poem sucks. I'm running out of ideas. This poem-a-day thing is hard.


I actually was going to write something tomorrow because I'm so tired. I was dead asleep when suddenly I sat bolt upright in bed because this lightning hit me. It came in the form of "The face in the mirror is what they want to see." Coming from dead sleep to typing on the computer takes talent, I assure you. I can hardly see straight. And the picture? Well that's from yesterday. Or should I say early this morning. It's what happens when you can't sleep and it's three o'clock in the morning. Ta da. woot. And yeah, it's my face. Yay.

Oh, and here's the picture of my earrings that I got in St. George. Sorry they're up so late, Q. I kept forgetting to download them. My camera does a lot of traveling in my pocket these days, so I usually wait until the end of the week to dump my photos. Here you go.

Sorry they're blurry. Oh well.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

light a match...

Today I didn't do much. We all slept in really late (say, 11:30?) and then I got up, showered, cleaned my room up a bit, and studied. I went to the library later in the afternoon and wrote a couple of papers for my English class. I also took some photographs which I haven't uploaded onto my computer yet-hm, I need to do that soon.

I had an interesting run-in with three very stupid boys at Smith's while I was getting dinner. They had some very nasty things to say to me until I told them to leave me alone or I'd report them to the manager. I also reminded one of them that we'd gone to elementary school together and my dad used to be his Stake Young Men's president. They left quickly after that. Idiots.

My sisters and I watched several more episodes of the old television show Bewitched. I like it most of the time, unless Darrin says something completely stupid and rather "males are better than females" and Samantha goes along with it. Then I have to remind myself that it was written in the sixties by men. Whatever.

All right, I'm going to try and sleep now. I've got work tomorrow, my uniform is clean, and I'm out of sleeping pills. This is going to be interesting. Hopefully I won't have any more nightmares though. Maybe I'll write up the one I've been having the past two nights and see if anyone could analyze it for me. Just so I know that I'm not going absolutely crazy. Slightly crazy is all right, but absolutely? I'd rather pass on that.


The photo I added on Friday, April 17. I was bored and couldn't sleep early early this morning, so I took that. Don'tcha just lurve how you can see the camera in the mirror? Lol. I'm not doing it again. I burned myself twice trying. Blaster bolts, I am so tired.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


April 15. Spring Break. And it's snowing. It has been for most of the day. Ah, well. Could be worse, I guess. I'd planned to cut the grass today, but obviously my plans had to change. Change they did, and my family decided to go bowling. It was rather fun, even though I suck at it. I tend to like games that I suck at. Mini golf, bowling, and chess included among those.

Mom and dad each got more than one strike, and the three of us girls each got close. Final scores:

I know the picture says that mom got 105, but her score got mixed up and it didn't count one of her strikes. We just added the extra 10 points on at the end.

Not bad, I guess. After bowling, we went to Golden Corral for lunner (again with the lunner) and it was a lot of fun. My sisters and I filmed some little stupid videos involving the gummy bears that Amanda nicked from the counter. I got a needle and thread and stuck them through the top of the bears so that we could use them as puppets of a sort, and then we danced them around. It was funny and totally a "you had to be there" sort of moment.

Watching Bewitched followed naptime, and then I retreated to my bedroom to post photos on Facebook. Yay, Facebook. And a certain boy added me. When I opened my email and saw his name in the subject line, I experienced an electric excitement that was quite exhilarating. Yay for Xs. He actually added me! I didn't have to go find him! Lol. I'm so dumb.

I joined Grace in Small Things today. It's basically a thankfulness blog, where you write down five things a day that you are grateful for or made you happy. I'm not going to do it here until NaPoMo is finished. Otherwise my posts will be super boring and lame for you guys to read.

I'm done.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

double post today...

I was too tired to post last night and the Internet connection was acting funny, so I'm doing two poems tonight along with a daily entry (for yesterday and today). Bear with me, and maybe you could make some sort of signal if you read the whole thing. Like <<99 for instance. *shrug*


Woke up late and ate breakfast in the hotel room. We kind of just spent the day hanging out in the room until around 1:00 pm, at which time we headed over to Fiesta Fun Center just down the street from our hotel. There we played miniature golf (I just learned how to spell miniature due to spellcheck...which is supposedly spelled wrong as well...), raced Go Karts, and played arcade games. Dad won the golf game, with the rest of us coming closely behind. Mom got a hole in one, Meghan smacked one about fifty feet from a hole on accident (nearly hitting me), and no one got a ball into the water. Sweet. Technically I got a hole in one as well, but it was my third try at actually hitting the ball anywhere so they wouldn't count it. :P

The Go Karts were fun until I had to get off. I felt super dizzy and sick from going one direction over and over again. I did it twice though-the second time not happily. I think I had a faster car the second time, which was cool. I passed all of the other drivers (not my sisters) at least three times, because they didn't ride on the inside or turn tightly. You can shave off seconds if you stay on the inside. Thank you, National Velvet and The Black Stallion.

The arcade was pretty cool too. Kind of like Chuck E. Cheese here in Orem. A couple of the games broke and ate our tokens, but it wasn't that big of a deal. We ended up getting enough tickets to get three Slinkies, three train whistles, three slap bracelets (flexible metal strips that spring into a circle around your wrist when you smack it onto the back of your arm), and twelve taffy pieces. Not bad for broken games, no?

After we finished up at the Fun Center, the family headed to Chuck-a-Rama for some lovely dinner. It was so good, and I had my traditional cup of hot chocolate. My family always reminds me of the time we were in St. George on the hottest day on record (123 degrees F, I think) and I had a cup of hot chocolate at Chuck-a-Rama. I was cold, okay? I wore only long sleeves and jeans that summer, all in black. That was my super weird stage. Anyway, dinner was great and it was fun to talk to each other. Or technically it was lunner. Too late for lunch, but too early for dinner. Lunner, we call it at my house. Like brunch. Never mind.

When we got back to the hotel, we watched television because mom always loves to watch HGTV. I tried to get the computer to work. It didn't. My sisters went swimming, and I followed along to play with them. Meghan had a bad sunburn from golfin, and Amanda's rashes were healing, so it was all right. There was a lot less chlorine in the water, too. Apparently there were five or six other people who reported breaking out in rashes from too much chlorine in the water. Did I mention that before? Hm... Anyways, I got out when my skin started to burn again and took a shower. Then we went to bed. Sort of. That's what I remember.


We decided to come home two days early from our vacation. Meghan and dad were super burned, Amanda's rash was still hurting her, etc. That meant that we couldn't go swimming and we couldn't do anything out in the sun, which in St. George means pretty much do nothing. So we packed up and headed home after having a nice breakfast at Denny's. Yummy. We stopped at a gas station in Cedar City where I'd seen a glass doll that I adored, but she was gone. *sniff* I drove two hours more after that, and the weather was actually pretty nice. I did back over a high curb on accident, but dad fixed it. Mom thinks she's a better driver than I am, but it's not true. Even dad and my sisters agree. :)

When we got home, we unpacked (sorta) and said hi to our puppies. They were so excited! I was too. I missed them a lot this trip. Mom, dad, and I went to the library to get some movies and books and such. Meghan invited a friend over, and we watched I Was a Male War Bride with Cary Grant and Ann Sheperd or Sheridan or something like that. Can't remember her last name. It was super cute, and really fun to watch. We also watched two episodes of the original television show Bewitched with Elizabeth Montgomery. So fun!

I'm going to bed now. Exhausted! And sorry that was such a boring post. It's just my life, you know?

Other random pics from St. George (I'll post more later, most likely...if you want to see them. Let me know if you do. :) )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

light and shadow...

I woke up this morning fresh and relaxed. It was awesome. Super, super awesome. Let me try and think of what happened...oh! Yeah, we went to church after we woke up. The ward I went to was pretty neat. I stayed for all of the meetings, instead of just going to Sacrament Meeting. The one thing I didn't like about it was that the movie they showed depicted the crucifixion of Christ. It always makes me bawl my eyes out.

Afterwards, we went to Chili's for lunch and it was super good. Then we went to the St. George Temple grounds and Visitor's Centers. We also went to the Tabernacle near Main Street. Both of the buildings were amazing. So pretty and architecturally awesome.

My sisters went swimming when we got back, and there was so much chlorine in the hot tub that Amanda now has a terrible rash all over her body. A couple of other people staying here have reported the same thing, but the hotel management hasn't done anything about it. They haven't drained the pool or even put signs up. Lame, no?

I'm now watching Twitches online. Good-bye.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, we ended up not heading for California. Sorry Bookgirl! Instead, we went to the city of St. George. I drove for about two hours, through hail, rain, hail, snow, and other very tense weather moments. I didn't kill anyone, and nobody killed me, so it was all good.

St. George is sort of a letdown, because it's just as cold and dark as Orem has been for the past few weeks. There was an art show today though that was fabulous. There were so many creative people with so many amazing pieces. I wish that I had a million dollars so I could buy people's art. It was all so amazing. I did buy some special overlaid and inlaid glass earrings, which I will post a picture of later, and a glass Peter Pan/Tinkerbell figurine for my mom. She played the role of Peter when she was younger, and it's always pretty special for her to remember it. She really liked it. I did not tell her how much it was though. :)

Later we went to In-N-Out for dinner. I don't ever want to go there again, because it was so crowded and crazy. The food was pretty good, but it was scary to me. Ah, well. I'm weird. Meghan smashed her finger in the car door and a big fuss was made. I don't know if it was for real or just show. She sometimes cries wolf for attention. We took her back to the hotel and dad stayed with her while my mom, Amanda, and I went to Wal-Mart. I saw a family of polygamists and kept catching myself staring on accident. I felt bad but my eyes were just drawn to the woman, her kids, and the man in their old fashioned clothing. I had no idea that polygamy was still practiced. They don't get caught for it very often, and I don't know for sure if it's against the law when the woman isn't under adult age. I dunno. I dunno.

We found a bunch of stuff to eat, like Trix cereal. YAY!!! I love Trix so much. Amanda and I used the gift card that our grandparents gave us for our birthday to buy three bouncy balls filled with water and glitter. Don't worry, they're durable. ;) We got three because we got one for Meghan, too. Mine's gold, Amanda's is blue, and Meghan's is purple. I also got a candle, because I love scented candles. They're the best. :) Mom got candy for Easter, but the store was completely out of Cadbuy Eggs!!! NOOOO!!! Yes, it was sad. I'll have to wait until later to get some.

After Wal-Mart, we went to Barnes and Noble to try and find a historical fiction Civil War book for Meghan to read for class. She started Gone with the Wind, but it's too long for her to read in a week. We really didn't find anything, but I love how big the store is and how nice all of the people were. At the B and N at my house, the people who work there are usually pretty rude and not helpful at all. I was really happy with the service they gave us tonight, and it was almost closing, too. I put a couple of books on hold to think about purchasing on Monday. Don't want to spend too much money, you know?

Well, still no inspiration for a poem. Lame, I know. I'm worn out, I suppose. Now I'm going to try and convince my mom to turn of House Hunters so I can go to sleep. Wish me luck.

Oh! I almost forgot. Bookgirl/Kathryn Hope of Desire has give me an award. Thanks so much, girl! It really means a lot to me. Seriously. Thanks so much.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I enjoy these flowers while they last, but they always look so sad and forlorn when their time is over. Kind of like how I feel now. I'm not being cynical, promise. Just tired. So very tired.

My family is not going to California for Spring Break. My dad's company is cutting back on people, so we decided to save the money for a "just in case" type of thing. I'm disappointed, but I'd be more disappointed if we'd gone and he'd lost his job when we came home. Instead, we're heading for St. George tomorrow morning. I'm supposed to be packing, but the poem idea popped into my head so I ditched the project. This poem isn't very good, but I'm emotionally worn out. It's hard to create when you just feel like giving up on the world and becoming a hermit in the mountains somewhere.

I think I did all right on the science test I had today. The Language Fair at UVU yesterday was good, even if I didn't have to wait around for three hours after I finished all of my assignment. My skit group got "Muy Bien" for our score, which was the second highest possible. Did I even mention the Language Fair before? Well, I did now. :)

Checked myself out with a note from mom today. Good thing too, because I was so frustrated with my Ceramics teacher that I was ready to chuck my project at him and walk out. He keeps changing his mind about what the vase will require. NOW we have to put this ugly brown slip stuff on the whole vase and carve our pictures into that. I wanted to glaze it pretty colors, because I want to put it in my child's nursery when I have kids someday. I want it to hold flowers and be pretty, not ugly brown. I hate having so many requirements for this vase. Maybe I'll just build a small one that fits his rubric and keep this one the way it is.

I better go pack now.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

just broken...

I bought a digital camera today and took pictures with it (duh). It was fun. And now I'm going to go back to my Science homework, and probably cry. I'll write about the day tomorrow, or later in the night if I can't sleep. Which is what will probably happen.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


From Q.

From Danielle.

Thanks so much to Q and Danielle for the "Fabulous" Awards. I really appreciate it, and this poem is dedicated to you both. It isn't much, but it's how I felt.

I now nominate Kate, decor8, Jewel, and Summermoon.

I keep getting the feeling that my Seminary teacher is trying to get me to repent or something. All General Conference I felt like I needed to change some things, but I could maybe wait until later. Well, Seminary this week has been all about repentance and godly sorrow, sins and the Atonement (for more info, email me at wannabkenobi at gmail dot com or check out the LDS official website at Maybe it is a hint or something.

The Alpine School District Language Fair is tomorrow. Yikes! I'm in charge of a skit, called "The Red Bench" or "La Banca Roja". I'm so nervous, because one girl didn't show up to practice today and another doesn't know her lines. Oh, well. Since it's a Judged Event, my teacher is giving me the automatic 100 points for the term project we have to do, no matter what score the judges give us. Sweet.

I struggled in Science today. Not because it was hard. No, it was because I kept falling asleep, or almost falling asleep. I still don't want to hear the famous "Go get a drink" from Mr. Clark, so I forced myself to keep my head up. I about cried with happiness when he told the class to go take a break.

Lunch consisted of something that was supposed to be spaghetti. It was more like rubberized yarn smothered in an extremely sweet red sauce, which tasted more like Kool-Aid than tomatoes, and chunky imitation ground beef. At least I think it was imitation ground beef. I have no idea what it might have been. At least the roll was good. School food generally is palatable, if only just. I mean, it totally isn't worth $1.75, but hey, it's better than not eating anything.

Ceramics was interesting today. We're starting a new project, meaning we wasted the day. That's just what happens. Mr. Steadman showed us how to make plaster molds of objects that we can use for sculptures; I brought a tape measure. Brad, an amazing and I mean aMAZING ceramicist (that seriously is a word? It didn't show up as misspelled or anything), brought a lightbulb. Awesome, no? So we made molds from oil based clay (yick) and then filled them with plaster. Double yick. It was fun, I guess. Just messy.

I accidentally double charged a lady at work today, and she was mad. She was even more mad when she found out I was new, and told the full-time employee (Paul, at the time) that they shouldn't have a new person running the cash register. When he asked her how else I would learn, she walked out. *sigh* I don't mean to cause problems. Problems just seem to follow me around. Other than that, it wasn't bad. I kept dropping things because I was scared to mess up again, and finally the other Paul (part-time) sent me in the back to get belts. I'm good at stocking belts. And merit badges. Good at that, too.

Well, today wasn't bad, I guess. It could have been worse, and it could have been a little better. That is my analysis. ;)

I'm done.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

merit badges...

Had my first major merit badge transactions today. Talk about a nightmare! Luckily the man knew all of them, so he told me the name as I held them up. I don't understand why the Radio merit badge has a lightning bolt on it; it makes no sense. I also was left all by myself on accident in the front of the store, and at that moment about fifteen people came in at once. One of them wanted stuff from the back room, which I could not find. Another needed help with uniforms, one needed merit badge help, on had questions, one didn't know what she wanted and stayed long after closing (meaning I got home late), et cetera. It was crazy, and I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily Michelle (I work with another Michelle! Cool!) was able to come out and help, and so was Scott. Paul came out, too. I was so glad for the help!

I don't really remember what happened at school, except that I dressed up in bell bottoms and a shirt with a peace sign on it to look like Jane Fonda for History, even though the actual roundtable thing was last week. Maybe he'll still give me extra credit. *crosses fingers* Oh, and Tony, Brian, and I totally wasted all of Multimedia by sitting in the middle of the room talking. The entire time. No joke. It was awesome. But it was weird when Tony asked me if I thought he was attractive. 'Course I do, but I wasn't going to say that! Weird! Adult Roles was pretty lame; we're doing a virtual stock exchange game thing that is a huge and pointless assignment. Oh, well. It's not hard.

Got some homework done, and then wrote that poem. I'm now going to bed.


Monday, April 6, 2009

reach out...

I love this picture. I really, really do.

I could write more thoughts about how I feel about this picture, but I'm not going to today. I'm too tired. And since nothing much happened today, except going to school, work (met the entirely archaic vacuum and do not wish to shake hands with him again) where I ended up helping people and stocking shelves, going to the library for a lecture on the Passover with my family, and coming home to have dinner, this isn't a waste of a post. Maybe.

If I forgot something and remember it tomorrow, it will be noted when I post.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today was the last day of General Conference until October. It was pretty good; lots of warnings though. Mostly about selfishness among church members and not going to the temple enough (big white buildings with a gold statue on top-questions? Email at wannabkenobi at gmail dot com).

Had a tremendous family fight tonight. It went rather well, after the shouting was over anyway. We got some things done and decided to "start over." I'm skeptical that anything will work, but I'm going to try. I guess I'm mostly afraid that I'll be disappointed and hurt badly again. I get hurt a lot.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

work day 2...

All right. Second day at the Scout Shop, and I got there around 8:40. Door was locked, so I stood out in the snow until I realized that I could probably knock on the door and someone would let me in. Duh. Andrew, one of the people I work with, showed me around the store. In detail. It took about, hm, two hours? He knows tons about all of the products. It was actually really helpful, and pretty interesting. My back did start to hurt, which happens when I stand/walk around on hard surfaces for a long period of time. I didn't have any problems at the register today, and no one yelled either. I did have to work through the first session of Conference, which really sucked. I'll read the talks when they come out online on Thursday, most likely. Oh, this one lady came in and she seriously talked a mile a minute. I had to work so hard to understand her, because it was like IneedthisbookdoyouknowwhereitisandIneedthisshirtdoyouhaveitinthissizewhat'stheprice?
No joke. I don't think she took a breath the whole time. And Alexa, the girl I work with and went to East Shore with (no, we weren't messed up kids-we were taking extra packets to get more credits and I was taking PE so I didn't have to do the stupid test stuff at school for the government), and I had to watch this training movie called "Give Them the Pickle!" ... Wow. Talk about lame. Oh well, it was funny and I did laugh a couple of times. The most lame thing was that the captions were spelled wrong a lot. Sheesh.

I hurried home to listen to the last half of the second Conference session, which was good. After that, my mom, sisters, and I went to the mall at about 5:00. *cough* We didn't get home until 8:30. ARG!!! A little boy had a seizure outside of the store where my mom was trying on clothes, and my sisters and I were the first or second ones there to help. I went out just to make sure that he kept breathing, because if he didn't I needed to know that someone else might know CPR besides me. If not, I was there all ready, and if so, there would be two of us to help. The boy kept breathing though and came to shortly after the paramedics arrived. They took him to the hospital. I hope his parents are okay; they were freaking out, especially the dad. The mom not so much; she was just crying and telling her son that he would be okay. A lady who has epilepsy stopped to help as well, and she helped to get the boy on his side so he wouldn't choke. A registered nurse stopped as well, and she made sure that his vitals were good. The paramedics had the easiest job, to be honest. I'm just glad he was okay, and that he got help. Scary stuff.

Oy. I'm so sore. And I think I'm done...nothing else really happened today. Yep, I'm done.

Friday, April 3, 2009

work day 1...

Started work at the Scout Shop today, after staying home from school for a mental health day. Mom told me to, so it's all good. It went all right; it's just super confusing. I don't know all of the codes and numbers and blah blah blah to ring stuff up. Then this lady and her husband started screaming at each other right in front of my till, complete with the man picking up a neckerchief slide and throwing it down on the counter, then storming out. *sigh* So awkward. And rather frightening. It reminds me of how my parents sometimes acted last year, but it was always at home and my mom did the throwing.

Filled up the gas tank for the third time in my life for a grand total of $19.73. Sweet sauce. And went to the mall after picking up my sisters from their junior high school, where they saw the school play "Alice in Wonderland". It was finished around 8:30, so we stopped by Christopher and Banks (no, they do not sell old lady clothes, Meghan :P) and I'll be going back because they've got pants on sale, which I need. Then we went to Bath & Body Works. Talk about allergy factory. I just go there to buy conditioner for my hair; it's the one time I totally spoil myself. *smirk*

Let's see, what else happened today...oh! I almost got hit while driving four times. And no, it was NOT my fault-they all ran red lights. Or stop signs. Grrr. But my sister was more mad than I was. Pretty funny.

Interesting tidbit that I overheard while at the mall:

Relationship Girl-I mean, he hasn't even kissed me yet. What kind of a relationship is that?
Friend-You base a relationship off of kissing?
R Girl-Sure.
Friend-*snort* Seriously, one kiss and pretty soon that's all you do.
R Girl-So?
Friend-Fine. If you want to be one of those stupid, slobber mouthed, soppy eyed girls on the cheer squad, that's all right with me. I'll just sit back and laugh.

I didn't hear the first girl's answer. I just thought it was funny. No offense to any slobber mouthed, soppy eyed cheerleaders out there. ;)

All in all it was a pretty good day. Mom hemmed my uniform pants for me, so thanks mom! Dad's sick, so Get Well Soon dad!

I'm done.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Stole this from Q. It's a program where you type a response and it generates a basic question/answer. My sentences have >> before them.

>> Hello.
How do you do. Please state your problem.
>> I don't have any problems
Don't you really have any problems ?
>> Well, it could be possible that I do.
You say it could be possible that you do ?
>> Yes.
You seem to be quite positive.
>> Actually, I'm not.
Is it because you are not that you came to me ?
>> No. My friend told me about you.
Are you saying no just to be negative?
>> No.
You are being a bit negative.
>> Nope.
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> I don't understand you, either.
Why don't you understand I ?
>> You mean, why don't I understand you?
We were discussing you -- not me.
>> No, we're discussing you.
Why not ?
>> What?
Why do you ask ?
>> Oh my goodness.
Your goodness ?
>> You are completely inept, you know that?
What makes you think I am completely inept ?
>> Your answers and questions.
Why are you concerned over my answers and questions ?
>> They're completely incoherent.
Lets discuss further why your goodness .
>> It's an idiomatic expression.
Please go on.
>> It expresses frustration.
What does that suggest to you ?
>> That I'm frustrated.
How long have you been frustrated ?
>> Since I began speaking with you.
Perhaps in your fantasies we began speaking with each other.
>> I'm sure we didn't not.
Do you believe it is normal to be sure we didn't not ?
>> Oh, completely.
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> Not at the moment.
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> Here we go again.
Please go on.
>> No!
Why 'no' ?
>> Because you're bugging me!
Is that the real reason ?
>> No.
Are you saying no just to be negative?
>> Why not, sure.
Does that question interest you ?
>> Not in the slightest.
What does that suggest to you ?
>> That you're stupid.
Does it please you to believe I am stupid ?
>> YES, very much.
You are sure.
>> I've never been more sure in my life.
Why do you say your life ?
>> Because it's the only one I've had.
Don't any other reasons come to mind ?
>> Not really.
But your life .
>> What?
What is it you really wanted to know ?
>> If this program worked or not.
Do you think its likely that this program worked or not ?
>> It works. But I don't like it. It's frustrating.
Do you wish to be able to like it ?
>> I do not.
Can you elaborate on that ?
>> I could, but I don't want to.
Do you say you could for some special reason ?
>> You asked.
Oh, I asked ?
>> Duh.
Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
>> No.
You are being a bit negative.
>> Fine.
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> Good bye
Please go on.
>> No!
Why not ?
>> I get the last word, fool!
That's quite interesting.
>> ARG!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am now a Scouter. Or Scouter employee. Whatever you want to call it. I went down to the office where I'll work now and got my uniform. It's really nice that the first one is free-the shirt and pants alone are $60. Socks are $5 a pair, belts are $15, patches and badges are $1.50-$6 a piece. So, the total should have been around $95, which wold more than cover my AP test balance. Scouting is expensive. I'm so glad that my first set was free. Phew. That seriously was a total shock, and a relief. I thought that they were pulling an April Fool on the new girl, but when they started taking off the tags and handed it back to me without ringing it up, I was almost convinced. It was when I was actually out the door and no cries of "Stop, thief!" followed me that I breathed again.

I am also in love again. Same kid, but new feelings. It's so weird. And stupid. I hate it. WHY WHY WHY!?!?!?!?!?!

Snowed again today. :( Blarg. I'm so tired of cold, dark, ughness. Looking out the window during second period was like viewing a slate grey chalkboard that had just been struck with an eraser coated in white dust.

I went to Mutual for the first time in almost three months. I pretty much had to; I'm a Stake Youth Camp Leader this year since I'm old. Haha. There are only two SYCL in my ward, myself and Brittan. We split all of the girls and leaders up into teams and played a Certification game, where we had to answer questions based on what is in our camp manuals. Pffft. Like any of us have ever actually read it. What nerds. Oh, wait. I read it. Three times, actually. We also played Truth, Truth, Lie. Here's what I put:

1. My favorite color is orange.
2. I get an "F" on my report card every single term.
3. I had a Golden Retriever when I was little.

Can you guess the lie?

I keep jumping from ecstatically happy to dangerously depressed. I wish it would be sunny again. Hopefully my family will be going to St. George this weekend for General Conference. At least it'd be in the 70s Fahrenheit (horrible wording, but who cares?) and not so dreadfully cold and dark. *sobs* And I really like that boy! STUPID, stupid, StUpId.