Thursday, April 16, 2009

light a match...

Today I didn't do much. We all slept in really late (say, 11:30?) and then I got up, showered, cleaned my room up a bit, and studied. I went to the library later in the afternoon and wrote a couple of papers for my English class. I also took some photographs which I haven't uploaded onto my computer yet-hm, I need to do that soon.

I had an interesting run-in with three very stupid boys at Smith's while I was getting dinner. They had some very nasty things to say to me until I told them to leave me alone or I'd report them to the manager. I also reminded one of them that we'd gone to elementary school together and my dad used to be his Stake Young Men's president. They left quickly after that. Idiots.

My sisters and I watched several more episodes of the old television show Bewitched. I like it most of the time, unless Darrin says something completely stupid and rather "males are better than females" and Samantha goes along with it. Then I have to remind myself that it was written in the sixties by men. Whatever.

All right, I'm going to try and sleep now. I've got work tomorrow, my uniform is clean, and I'm out of sleeping pills. This is going to be interesting. Hopefully I won't have any more nightmares though. Maybe I'll write up the one I've been having the past two nights and see if anyone could analyze it for me. Just so I know that I'm not going absolutely crazy. Slightly crazy is all right, but absolutely? I'd rather pass on that.


The photo I added on Friday, April 17. I was bored and couldn't sleep early early this morning, so I took that. Don'tcha just lurve how you can see the camera in the mirror? Lol. I'm not doing it again. I burned myself twice trying. Blaster bolts, I am so tired.


steviewren said...

Nice poem...rather better than I could write. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Hope to see you again.

Woman in a Window said...

I like your poem. I'm quite amazed by you, really.

Boys are jerks. Good on you for calling them on it.

You SO should not be taking sleeping pills at your age...this is your mother...kinda. Are you ok?

Georgie K. Buttons said...

steviewren: Thanks! And I bet you could do better. :D

Woman in a Window: I'm fine. I've been on sleeping pills for about two years now. Doctor says. I am going to start getting off this summer after school's out.

Thanks for the comment on the poem. :D

spider said...

The poem's cool and the picture you took to go with it is pretty awesome too. (I'm a total pyro.)