Saturday, April 4, 2009

work day 2...

All right. Second day at the Scout Shop, and I got there around 8:40. Door was locked, so I stood out in the snow until I realized that I could probably knock on the door and someone would let me in. Duh. Andrew, one of the people I work with, showed me around the store. In detail. It took about, hm, two hours? He knows tons about all of the products. It was actually really helpful, and pretty interesting. My back did start to hurt, which happens when I stand/walk around on hard surfaces for a long period of time. I didn't have any problems at the register today, and no one yelled either. I did have to work through the first session of Conference, which really sucked. I'll read the talks when they come out online on Thursday, most likely. Oh, this one lady came in and she seriously talked a mile a minute. I had to work so hard to understand her, because it was like IneedthisbookdoyouknowwhereitisandIneedthisshirtdoyouhaveitinthissizewhat'stheprice?
No joke. I don't think she took a breath the whole time. And Alexa, the girl I work with and went to East Shore with (no, we weren't messed up kids-we were taking extra packets to get more credits and I was taking PE so I didn't have to do the stupid test stuff at school for the government), and I had to watch this training movie called "Give Them the Pickle!" ... Wow. Talk about lame. Oh well, it was funny and I did laugh a couple of times. The most lame thing was that the captions were spelled wrong a lot. Sheesh.

I hurried home to listen to the last half of the second Conference session, which was good. After that, my mom, sisters, and I went to the mall at about 5:00. *cough* We didn't get home until 8:30. ARG!!! A little boy had a seizure outside of the store where my mom was trying on clothes, and my sisters and I were the first or second ones there to help. I went out just to make sure that he kept breathing, because if he didn't I needed to know that someone else might know CPR besides me. If not, I was there all ready, and if so, there would be two of us to help. The boy kept breathing though and came to shortly after the paramedics arrived. They took him to the hospital. I hope his parents are okay; they were freaking out, especially the dad. The mom not so much; she was just crying and telling her son that he would be okay. A lady who has epilepsy stopped to help as well, and she helped to get the boy on his side so he wouldn't choke. A registered nurse stopped as well, and she made sure that his vitals were good. The paramedics had the easiest job, to be honest. I'm just glad he was okay, and that he got help. Scary stuff.

Oy. I'm so sore. And I think I'm done...nothing else really happened today. Yep, I'm done.

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Q said...

I love it when people help in a crisis.