Friday, April 10, 2009


I enjoy these flowers while they last, but they always look so sad and forlorn when their time is over. Kind of like how I feel now. I'm not being cynical, promise. Just tired. So very tired.

My family is not going to California for Spring Break. My dad's company is cutting back on people, so we decided to save the money for a "just in case" type of thing. I'm disappointed, but I'd be more disappointed if we'd gone and he'd lost his job when we came home. Instead, we're heading for St. George tomorrow morning. I'm supposed to be packing, but the poem idea popped into my head so I ditched the project. This poem isn't very good, but I'm emotionally worn out. It's hard to create when you just feel like giving up on the world and becoming a hermit in the mountains somewhere.

I think I did all right on the science test I had today. The Language Fair at UVU yesterday was good, even if I didn't have to wait around for three hours after I finished all of my assignment. My skit group got "Muy Bien" for our score, which was the second highest possible. Did I even mention the Language Fair before? Well, I did now. :)

Checked myself out with a note from mom today. Good thing too, because I was so frustrated with my Ceramics teacher that I was ready to chuck my project at him and walk out. He keeps changing his mind about what the vase will require. NOW we have to put this ugly brown slip stuff on the whole vase and carve our pictures into that. I wanted to glaze it pretty colors, because I want to put it in my child's nursery when I have kids someday. I want it to hold flowers and be pretty, not ugly brown. I hate having so many requirements for this vase. Maybe I'll just build a small one that fits his rubric and keep this one the way it is.

I better go pack now.


Bookgirl said...

Wow Georgie! What part of California are you dropping by? You are probably not coming by Sacramento by any chance....are you?


Bookgirl said...

Check the award for you at my blog, Georgie!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Turns out I won't be going to California. My family changed our minds when my dad...well, I'll explain later. I'm currently in St. George, loving the hotel bed but hating the fact that it's colder and more rainy that it was at my house. Lame, no?

Thanks for the award, sweetie! That made me feel so happy. :D