Saturday, April 25, 2009

disappearing act...

I have been absolutely depressed, miserable, melancholy, blue, insecure, whatever you want to call it, for days. I've watched all three of the Pirates of the Caribbean films three times in three days. I've ate too much junk food, sluffed too much class (yes, sluffed is a word), and had too much sleep. So, I went to school on Friday, had a pleasant run-in with before mentioned boy, and decided to take his advice and try to be happier. So I'm blogging again. Like I said, you can't avoid contact with human life forms forever, online or off.

Okay. I will be posting the poems I missed this week in a post later this evening ('cause I did write them, but I lost the papers somewhere in the Davy Jone's Locker of my backpack and need to strike some sort of bargain with Jack Sparrow and Will Turner to help me find them again [do I have anything they'd want? Not really.]), along with a short summary of what happened each day during the week. More for my benefit than for yours, because this week has been pretty much boring and a waste of my life. But I want to be able to remember it.

Now I'm going to do laundry (not mine. My dad's, because he totally butt in line in front of my basket. :P), shower (hurray for hot water! It's actually working! More on that later...), and go shopping. Double hurray for coupons, no?

Oh! My friend got asked to Prom. YAY, COTY!!!

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