Sunday, April 26, 2009

SNM Youth Counselor Fireside...

All right. Today was a good day. Church was not so bad-dad spoke on integrity and did a good job. Mom taught the Sunday School lesson on why we worship, and Sister Cronin taught the Relief Society lesson on more worshipful prayer. I went to Relief Society with mom today because all of the Laurels (oldest young women in the ward, ages 16-18) went to the Singles' Ward for an introduction thing and I stayed so I could hear my parents talk/lesson.

Here's how all of this works: In the LDS church, 12-18 year old girls are in Young Women's, which is just Sunday School stuff and activities during the week. The 12-13 year old girls are Beehives. The 14-15 year old girls are Mia Maids. The 16-18 year old girls are Laurels (me). It include 18 year old girls because you don't "graduate" from Young Women's until you graduate from high school. This means that when I turn 18 I'll still be in Laurels until I graduate a few months later.

Graduated 18 year old kids (boys and girls) enter the Singles' Ward, which runs the same was as a regular ward in the LDS church (a ward is just all of the people who go to the same block of meetings-it's generally divided up by neighborhoods and such. Our building has three wards in it) but none of them are married.


After church I came home and the home teachers visited with us (home teachers are men in the ward who teach a lesson at their assigned family's home once a month. I don't really know why we do it, but it's kind of fun sometimes. Our home teacher knows all about Harry Potter and LOTR and Pirates. Not to mention math...), after which I took a sort of nap. We had a lovely taco salad dinner, courtesy of mom, and I got ready to go to a fireside for all SNM youth counselors.

I can honestly say that I have not felt so amazingly wonderful in a long time. Every single person in that room cried at least once because the feeling was wonderful. The experiences and testimonies about what we do there were awesome. I got up and spoke about my time with Sheleena and Emily, and how wonderful they are. It was so cool to hear all of the different stories and to realize how much we have all been changed.

Ah, shoot. Mom wants me off. I wanted to write and tell you all about how wonderful SNM has been to me. Perhaps I'll share tomorrow?

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Poem #22 was beautiful. They were all good, but that one really struck a chord with me.

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