Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am now a Scouter. Or Scouter employee. Whatever you want to call it. I went down to the office where I'll work now and got my uniform. It's really nice that the first one is free-the shirt and pants alone are $60. Socks are $5 a pair, belts are $15, patches and badges are $1.50-$6 a piece. So, the total should have been around $95, which wold more than cover my AP test balance. Scouting is expensive. I'm so glad that my first set was free. Phew. That seriously was a total shock, and a relief. I thought that they were pulling an April Fool on the new girl, but when they started taking off the tags and handed it back to me without ringing it up, I was almost convinced. It was when I was actually out the door and no cries of "Stop, thief!" followed me that I breathed again.

I am also in love again. Same kid, but new feelings. It's so weird. And stupid. I hate it. WHY WHY WHY!?!?!?!?!?!

Snowed again today. :( Blarg. I'm so tired of cold, dark, ughness. Looking out the window during second period was like viewing a slate grey chalkboard that had just been struck with an eraser coated in white dust.

I went to Mutual for the first time in almost three months. I pretty much had to; I'm a Stake Youth Camp Leader this year since I'm old. Haha. There are only two SYCL in my ward, myself and Brittan. We split all of the girls and leaders up into teams and played a Certification game, where we had to answer questions based on what is in our camp manuals. Pffft. Like any of us have ever actually read it. What nerds. Oh, wait. I read it. Three times, actually. We also played Truth, Truth, Lie. Here's what I put:

1. My favorite color is orange.
2. I get an "F" on my report card every single term.
3. I had a Golden Retriever when I was little.

Can you guess the lie?

I keep jumping from ecstatically happy to dangerously depressed. I wish it would be sunny again. Hopefully my family will be going to St. George this weekend for General Conference. At least it'd be in the 70s Fahrenheit (horrible wording, but who cares?) and not so dreadfully cold and dark. *sobs* And I really like that boy! STUPID, stupid, StUpId.

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Q said...

I think number one is the lie. I know number two isn't. :P