Sunday, April 26, 2009

week in review...

Sunday: Went to church, listened to an amazing talk by Megan, a friend of mine who came home from her mission a couple of months ago. I'm glad I decided to go. It was great.

Monday: School sucks. At least I've got some good friends (yay for Multimedia corner of doom boys :) ). I didn't have to work. That was good. Later in the evening my sisters and I babysat for a single mom who has four kids, works three jobs, has two dogs, and is super stressed out. I helped each kid clean their room, tidied up the rest of the house, cleaned the kitchen, and played with each of the children and my sisters. I was happy to help my new friend out; the lady is super super nice and she has the greatest kids.

Tuesday: Woke up not feeling well. Tried going to school for third period but ultimately failed-I came home early after calling a neighbor to check me out. Meghan and her partner didn't win at State History Fair, and both were rather relieved. Mom told me to lay on the couch with the window open and watch a movie. I did. Picked Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and enjoyed it so much that I watched it again when my family got home. I don't know if I like those movies because they're well made, or if it's just the fact that Orlando Bloom is so darn handsome. Maybe it's both. I suspect it's predominantly Orlando Bloom, though. We also watched the second film, which was good too. Again-Orlando has something to do with it.

Wednesday: Stayed home again. What? I didn't feel well, okay? Besides-I hadn't had a chance to watch At World's End yet. And I did go to work, Tuesday and Wednesday. So there. First cast meeting, which went all right, except for the fact that I ended up in tears three or four times from fear and feelings of absolute worthlessness. Thank goodness that my dogs were with us. Yes, Misty is Toto. Buddy comes because he gets so lonely when he's home by himself. I still don't know what I am. Neither does the director. *shrug* Whatever.

Thursday: SNM night!!! It was great-even though I did have to drive myself. Scary. Oh, well. A button popped off of my uniform, and I didn't have time to sew it back on before work, so I cheated. I put on a t-shirt underneath. Technically it's not official, and a uniform Nazi could have a fit, but too bad. I'm not going to work with an open shirt and nothing underneath it. Sorry. I also had to pay for gasoline because my dad forgot to fill it up before he left on his trip. Again. Second or third time he's driven it to empty. *sigh* Annoying, because my parents get on my case when I spend money for anything, even if it's food for the car. Oh, and I didn't go to school. I watched the same movies again. Tee hee.

Friday: Went to school. What a mistake. No, it wasn't too bad, actually. Just lame and boring and ughness as usual. Work wasn't bad, and I bought some bird feeder kits for my sisters. So far they're still on the table untouched. I should go get some wood glue and do them all by my onesy. Hm... I also brought dinner home because I was too tired and too unhappy to cook. Just pizza, cookies, and soda. Along with some grapes and carrots and stuff. We watched the first film again (need I type it out? Nope) and had a grand old time with our junk food and Will Turner squeeness. I finally got the Awards Assembly pushed out of my mind and all of the disappointment that came with it. I nearly got the issue of no Prom date off of my mind, too, helped by the presence of attractive pirate onscreen.

Today: More pirates!!! All three, actually. I think. No, just two and three. Sort of half-hearted attempt to clean my room (more like throw stuff in the closet and the crack between the wall and the bed to give an appearance of cleanliness, because I DON'T CARE), did not go shopping, did do laundry, and did shower. So most of my plans came through. Did not, however, find it possible to contact aforementioned Sparrow and Turner to help me locate my scribblings of poetry, so did not find the papers swallowed by the Locker of Davy Jones. Another time, perhaps.

And now-off to bed.

Oh, bugger! I almost forgot. I went for a walk in the rain today with my sister. It was quite fun, especially the part where I pretended to be a certain member of the crew (NOT Elizabeth, and seeing as she's nearly the only female, you'll have to figure out who it is I've made up, 'cause I'm not telling) who's soaking wet and helping to bail out the ship. Ah, the imagination. I took my camera and found some lovely wet flowers to photography. Perhaps I'll post them tomorrow. It was very enjoyable, though, even though I got very, very wet and my camera got a tad bit dripped on, too. Thank heavens for a gigantic umbrella and a sister who does what she's told. ;)

This post has been absolutely nothing but randomness. I'm having a hard time following it myself, and I'm the one whose lived out this blasted week.

NOW I'm going to bed. Maybe.


Woman in a Window said...

I find great pleasure in reading you. Don't take this the wrong way, it is absolutely meant in the best way. You are such an interesting and well developed character and your fascination with Orlando Bloom makes me chuckle.

Now, are your three poems about the same thing? Do tell? Is it a U.S. monolith of some sort, a sepulchre, or what? Interesting.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Hm. Now that you mention it, they could all be about the same thing. In truth, they're all different. The first one is about an elephant-I love elephants. The second one I wrote while sitting outside my fourth period classroom door (while participating in a spur of the moment experiment that I'll need to share because it's hilarious), and the third just popped into my head.

I like the idea that they all fit together in some way. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

Maya Ganesan said...

Oooh, I like number 20. :D

spider said...

Pirates of the Carribean is awesome, and while I love the movies just because they're really good movies, I suspect Orlando Bloom isn't hurting my opinion of them. ;)

I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but I'm glad you're back.