Saturday, April 18, 2009


I actually was going to write something tomorrow because I'm so tired. I was dead asleep when suddenly I sat bolt upright in bed because this lightning hit me. It came in the form of "The face in the mirror is what they want to see." Coming from dead sleep to typing on the computer takes talent, I assure you. I can hardly see straight. And the picture? Well that's from yesterday. Or should I say early this morning. It's what happens when you can't sleep and it's three o'clock in the morning. Ta da. woot. And yeah, it's my face. Yay.

Oh, and here's the picture of my earrings that I got in St. George. Sorry they're up so late, Q. I kept forgetting to download them. My camera does a lot of traveling in my pocket these days, so I usually wait until the end of the week to dump my photos. Here you go.

Sorry they're blurry. Oh well.


Q said...

I like the earrings. :)

Woman in a Window said...

I like your poem, your picture and your 3am inspiration!