Friday, October 31, 2008

back sprain...

If anyone asks me how I resprained my back, I will hold my head up proudly and say, "Trick or treating. I got fifteen pounds of candy. How much did you get?

Yes, yes, I know. Sprained back and I spent three hours walking around with a fifteen pound bag. Oh, but it was so fun! And guess what?!?!

So, I have had this secret, never fully blossomed and impossible crush on a boy in my Stake. He's a year younger than me, so that also makes it impossible. And his two sisters are best friends with my two sisters. Anyway, his name is Jake, and he's so nice. Halloween is his favorite night of the year. He stopped trick or treating about four years ago to create a haunted house for trick or treaters. Every year, screams fly up from the Thompsons's house.

I hate haunted houses. I scare easily and look like an idiot. But tonight, I decided to be brave for my little sister. She wouldn't go in until she saw me come out alive. So I went in alone. Jake greeted me in complete vampire garb.

"So, you're going it solo, eh? Alone, a nice girl like you?" he grinned.

"Oh, shut up. You're making it worse."

He shrugged, "That's my job."

Well, the first part wasn't that scary. His two twin brothers, Joseph and Hyrum (no joke), danced around in Grim Reeper costumes (they stopped trick or treating and they're six years old; they like helping Jacob) and I had to laugh. Then we reached a room where I couldn't see a thing.

I do not do well in small, dark places. I kind of started to freak out a little bit, and then he turned on this flickering light.

"Candy's on the table if you want it," he said.

I could see the table and the candy, but I couldn't see under the table. He tried to convince me that there was no one under there, and finally he crawled under himself.

"See? No one under...well. I am now. But there's no one else!"

He gave me a handful of candy and then looked at me, "You really are scared?"

I nodded.

He shook his head and laughed.

"Come here," he said, and took my hand.

AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! THAT scared me. ESPECIALLY when we got out of the last room and he didn't let go. Well, didn't scare in a bad way.

Yeah. That was the best part of the night. *insert high pitched girly squee!!!*

And I did get fifteen pounds of candy. It's half as heavy as my backpack, which is 30 pounds. So ha.

Thursday, October 30, 2008



My sister found this little cat lost and alone in our neighborhood. We can't keep him, because my other sister is severely allergic to cats and my dog would eat him.

This little kitty is seriously precious. He has the sweetest temperament, more dog like than cat. I have always hated cats, but I would give anything to keep this fellow. That should... Read More tell you something about him. He's special.

My family is willing to pay half of the $80 adoption fee to see that he goes to a good home. The fee covers the adoption papers, identification tags, micro chipping, the first check-up, and spay/neuter. Please consider it! He's amazing!

If you're interested, please let me know as SOON AS POSSIBLE. If he doesn't get adopted soon (the next three or four days), he will be put to sleep. The adoption agencies are all full at this time, so even if I tried to get him out of the pound in American Fork there'd be no where for him to go.

i hurt...

I sprained my back on Tuesday. It had been hurting for a couple of weeks (k, more like three and a half). I didn't think anything of it until Tuesday. I was on my way to History and tripped up the stairs. Not down, up. I'm so talented.

I stayed in bed Wednesday with a heating pad and Ibuprofen. And today. I'm going to complain now...

First of all, it hurts. Secondly, it's like my mom thinks I'm faking it. Thirdly, what are the odds that I sprain my back the week of my most looked forward to holiday? Halloween is tomorrow, folks. And I might not be able to go.

Grr. I hate this.

slacking off...

I apologize for my lack of posting. My fault. I really have no excuse.

K, so first term is OVER!!! Yay. Grades weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. They actually exceeded my expectations. 7 As and one A-. Yay!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

up to my forehead in dirt...

I had an adventure today. While I was vacuuming out the Head Custodian office (which is shared between the five of us crew members) I accidentally sucked up an unseen, gallon ziplock bag. Incidentally, the vacuum became quite clogged, so I had to figure out how to get it out.

Problem-my fingers couldn't reach the bag in the tube. Neither could the scissors, tweezers, or any other sharp, grabby object I could find. So get this. I flip the vacuum right side up again and realize that the bottom can become detached. It has screws in it! So, I pull out the drill and start going.

Problem-drill twists screw in tighter, and the backwards function on the drill doesn't work. Lame. So I decide to get a regular old screw driver. Very nice. I worked at the screws, and out of habit I placed one in my mouth. It was burning hot! At that moment, Dustin came in, took one look at me covered in dirt, and said, "What happened now?" See, I clog or dismantle my equipment regularly enough that this was said calmly. I'm incompetent when it comes to my job.

I finally dismantle the vacuum in a way that I can reach the stupid bag that caused all the trouble in the first place. It took me about twenty minutes to take it apart. Dustin sat down next to me and began watching as I picked up the pieces to put back together. It was a lot easier than taking it apart. No need for instructions. Just the concept of inverse operations.

For the first time in my life, I have now taken apart something bigger than an old video game controller. And this time, I was able to put it back together so it worked just the same. :)

Next problem-I didn't realize that I had cut my finger open while working on the vacuum, or that my hands were extremely black with dirt from the inside of the vacuum. When I got out to the car, mom asked me why my face was bleeding and why I was covered in black grime. I looked in the mirror above the dash and had to laugh. Forehead, nose, cheek, neck, and ears had black dirt with a little mix of blood from my finger. I must have wiped my hand across my face and hadn't realized that I'd gotten all dirty.

All in all, it was a great adventure. I'm quite proud of myself, seeing as I put the contraption back together without a hitch. And getting dirty isn't all that bad. It's actually kind of relaxing to just let go, take something apart, and get completely messy in the process.

i am awesome. and so are you

Listen to the puppy. Now!

Hey. It's cute, even if it is spelled wrong (Your should be You're. Oh well).

assemble to fight drugs and violence...

Or make a fool of myself. For those of you who attended first assembly, I apologize for embarrassing you. For those of you who did not attend first assembly, here's the scoop:

You know how they did an obstacle course which was supposedly for the purpose to show how it is to be drunk? Well, not thinking, I raised my hand because they asked for volunteers. When they actually called on me, I was excited. Then I realized that the possibility that I would have to do something stupid in front of half the student body hit me. I was not happy.

I was assigned to the group of all girls, except for one boy who was designated the "model." The object was simple: win the race. How to do so: place the baseball bat on the floor, touch your nose to it, and spin five times. Crawl as fast as you can through the flimsy cardboard tunnel. Pick up the second bat and repeat the first directions. Swerve through the cones, pick up an item of clothing, and dress your "model."

Lucky for me I did not get dizzy. Hey, I'm a dancer! You cross your eyes once, and walah! Dizziness be gone! So yeah. Kind of defeated the purpose of the exercise. I was the only contestant who didn't fall down. But my team won.

For my trouble and humiliation in front of a very bored audience, I received a fun size Crunch bar.

Overall, the assembly was really lame. But going on stage was fun, even if I ended up with a headache from the candy bar. It was fun.


For Multimedia, we are currently working on creating album covers (without the help of already in place Internet pictures) and then editing music we bring in. I made a cover for the song "Wake Up America" by Miley Cyrus. I know it's lame, but I figured I'd be safe bringing in that song. I may get made fun of, but at least I don't have to worry about swearing or sexual innuendos that could get me in trouble.

Here's the cover:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I do not feel good about myself, no matter how many scriptures I read or prayers I say. I can't sleep, either. Which is why I'm posting this. Instead of increasing my brain activity, using the computer actually makes me tired. Weird.

So, yeah. I know life really doesn't suck, and I can probably blame it on hormones, but if feels like it.

Enough complaining. Good thing that happened-Mom took me and my sisters to Wendy's and we got food! It was happy. And my seminary teacher called me to see how I was doing. That was happy too. He said, quote, "Today was dumb because you were gone. It wasn't as happy." Awwww...makes me feel good.

Yeah, I didn't go to school today. The burnout I am facing calls for some serious "mental health day" time. Which was also good. I didn't do anything today except play Jewel Quest, read "Crown Duel," "Court Duel," and start "First Test." I went to work, got teased, teased back, and made money. Always nice. Then I had that audition. Grrrr. Ah, well.

See, life really doesn't suck. It just feels like it. Like I want to stick my tongue out at everything and say "I DO NOT CARE."

But that would be mean. So I won't do it.

here we go again

I am having issues about my blog background again. Everyone else's that I read are so nice and colorful. But I don't want to change mine. But my heart sinks everytime I see it. Actually, my heart sinks with everything right now.

I think I'm depressed. Maybe I need a vacation. Which reminds me...



I really hate auditioning. I wonder why I keep doing it.

So. I just got back from auditioning for "A Christmas Carol." My mom said that I did an awesome job. But she's my mom, right?

Well, not only did my mom say that, but so did the auditioners. But they probably think I'm a total airhead. Here's why:

The song I sang is from "My Fair Lady." The ever famous, "Wouldn't it be Loverly." I did it because not only would it show off my ability to do a cockney (or American version) accent, but it also shows off my voice. Not that I have a great voice.

Before I started singing, I went over to the piano player and showed him that I would be singing straight through the song, but skip the first ending and head straight to the second. I asked him if that would be okay, and if it was too much of a pain that I could do something different. It wasn't until later after I auditioned and was in the car going home that I was informed that he is a professional pianist, not the community theater volunteer I am used to. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings or sound like I thought he was no good! Airhead!!!!!! :P

Anyway-according to my mom and the auditioners, I "blew their doors off." So much so that they asked me to read for the part of Martha, the oldest of the Cratchit children (spelling, I know). I went out to get the part to read, and when I came back I didn't walk into the room. I shuffled because I was nervous, kind of like a straightfooted Charlie Chaplan walk. I was scared! I've never read at an audition before!!!!


I looked down at my paper, frowned, and looked at the three people at the table.
"I've never read before (how stupid does that sound?). Would Martha be more proper British or cockney?"

They looked at each other in surprise, deliberated for a few moments, and then one said "Well, she's not high born, but she's not low, low born either."

I frowned, looked at my paper, and began talking to myself. OUT LOUD.
"Okay. So she wouldn't talk like a merchant's daughter. She'd talk like Bob (her father). She'd talk like Bob's daughter."

I looked at them again, brightly said, "Okay!" and babbled out the lines. It came out too fast, and I just couldn't stop the words tumbling over my lips. Oh, well. They told me it was very cute, and that they liked me.

I then proceeded to wave good-bye to them, turn to the piano player, and again show off my airheadedness-"Good job! You were awesome! Thanks."

And I skipped out of the room.

Am I stupid or what?


turns out i missed two days. now i'm really depressed.


so i missed posting yesterday. i was burned out, ugly, and exhausted. goal disintegrated. guess i'll have to start over.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I just watched the cutest movie! It's called "Penelope" and stars James McAvoy and Christina Ricci. James has the most beautiful blue eyes, and Christina is gorgeous.

It's such a cute movie. Watch it and see! I loved it!

However, I didn't do my math homework. Well, four problems left. I just don't know how to do them. :P

home again

Well, I just got home about ten minutes ago after an uneventful four hour drive. Conference was good (I think I fell asleep for most of President Monson's fourth session talk, wasn't sure) and I learned some things that I need to improve on.

Walking in the door and being covered in puppy kisses is an amazing feeling. Walking into your bedroom and seeing two hours worth of cleaning to be done is a not so amazing feeling. At least all of my homework that's due tomorrow is finished.

And guess what else I have to do tomorrow? Find Taylor. And actually talk to him. In person. I'm nervous, but very excited!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

to grandmother's house we go!

I'm up in Flaming Gorge again, on a beautiful, foggy, leafspattered day. And I'm serious that it's gorgeous. We've been watching General Conference with a loverly scene of the meadow out the big picture window.

I love it up here. It's so quiet and secluded, and my grandparents' have the funniest sayings and ideas. It's like they live in their own little world. I like it a lot.

Funny. I created my blog up here in Flaming Gorge a year ago August. That's kind of cool, no?

Friday, October 3, 2008

adult roles

Now I know why I've never wanted to grow up. It's hard, wanting so badly to move out but dreading all of the responsibilities that come with independence. For example: taxes, taxes, taxes, bills, payments, time, transportation, taxes, kids, relationships, having fun (is that possible?), friends, school, taxes.

I think I'm going to look for Neverland tonight. Then I can still move out, but the responsibility is so much more minimal.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just remembered a joke I wanted to share!

What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

Is it just me, or does it smell like carrots?


I am only writing this so that I can say that I post every single day. That is my goal. It's like writing in my journal.

Some of today was good. But the most recent bits were horrid. I don't want to write them down right now. I'm too tired, and I'll just start crying again.

Thanks for being true friends, girls/guys. It means so much to me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


tony, greg, and mclovin (don't know his first name) had the great idea to create an album cover for the ringtone mosquito. read that with a hint of sarcasm in your voice. it was not a great idea. it hurt! i don't think they'll actually do it though. since the assignment for multimedia is to take a song and create an album cover around it, i don't think ringtones count.

and i know that lately i've taken to writing in all lower case letters. it's easier that way. and i kind of like the change. it'"ish" at the moment.

not listening...

i am completely sympathizing with TC right now. i am having the hardest time focusing.

monitor is going off now.