Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i'm getting annoyed

My sister is so annoying. She's been sitting on my bed for about half an hour telling me how I'm a future Democrat because I'm not answering her questions, and that I'm making faces because I'm pretending to not listen to her. I'm making faces because I'm trying not to lose my temper. She's calling me a liar, and being an obnoxious brat.

Wanna know why?

She wants to borrow my jewelry for school tomorrow. I said no.

I'm going to continue to ignore her, even though she's now telling me how stupid it is that I organized my shelves with the stuffed animals on top and my scriptures and other church items under them. "That's your priority! No wonder you're such a selfish jerk!"

She's asking me if she can use my jewelry again, because she thinks I'm not paying attention.

And now I've lost my temper.

Monday, September 29, 2008

final score

My final test score for AP Enviro. Science was...


Thanks for all the help, seen and unseen. I love you guys!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I spelled installment wrong. Sorry.

don't shoot me!

I promise, promise, promise that I will post the last enstallment of my Homecoming adventures soon. I just have so much homework!!! I will do it soon, though. I'm really sorry for the long wait!


Isn't this picture beautiful?

why did they name it orem?

I made this up a while ago when I was mad at the people in my ward. As most of you know, I don't live in MVHS's boundaries. The kids in my ward make fun of me and are really mean a lot, so I thought of this when I was upset.

Do you know why they called it Orem?

(whiny, neeneer, neeneer, neeneer voice):


Haha. I'm funny.

double duty

I was called to be the Second Counselor in the Laurel presidency today. Now I've got two callings. Interesting.

My mom commented about my first calling the other day, after I "bought" a date. She was all like, "You're the only missionary I know who can date!" This is probably because I actually was set apart as a missionary for the Special Needs Mutual group on Wednesday night. Kind of funny.

I wonder why I got called to both. They must have been desperate ;).

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Crush by David Archuleta is on the radio!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!


I made these up last night. They're really lame:

Who's there?
Isaiah who?
Isaiah what's up with you man?

Who's there?
Noah who?
Noah body's home.

Stupid, no? I have an excuse-it was very late.

dancin' like a maniac

Songs that make me dance:

Hot 'n Cold-Katy Perry
Don't Stop the Music-Rihanna
Pon de Replay-Rihanna


Friday, September 26, 2008

AP Environmental Science Rock/Mineral Lab Test

For the past three weeks (ish), my class has been studying, memorizing, and learning 62 different minerals and rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic). The test was 20 multiple choice questions based on the mineral and rock properties we learned, 6 samples of minerals/rocks we had never seen before and had to identify using the properties and compositional rules, and 40 rock/mineral samples that we had to name by sight.

Hard much? Yes. Study much? Over 40 hours total-in class, before class at 6:30, after school for half an hour every few days, late into the night with textbook and field book. One hour per rock. Nah, just kidding. Stress much? In tears last night. Notes much? 38 pages.

And after all of that, the sweat and tears, sleepless nights full of rocks racing through my head, and the constant droppage of rare samples owned by my teacher--------

I PASSED!!! 84%!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!

I never want to look at another rock again.

But I will. I'm like that.

I'm going to bed. I better not dream about any rocks, or one is going through Mr. Clark's window.

exhausted...but happy

I've felt like this all day:

But I also feel like this because it's Friday! No, I do not feel like Mars dust or rocks. I am sick of rocks. But I feel smiley like this crater:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i've got a date

Well, I decided I'd bid for a date today at my school's date auction. The "property" in question was a certain Taylor J. The bidding got so high that they decided to split the price between me and the other bidding girl, so we each get a date with him.

I only bid because it's for a fundraiser to earn money for a boy in our school who needs a kidney transplant. It wasn't until I got to class that I realized who exactly I was going out with.

First off, he's a Senior. Secondly, he's extremely good looking. Third, he's one of the most popular guys in the entire school and Student Body Vice-President.

First off, I'm a Junior. Secondly, I'm not very pretty. Third, I'm one of the least popular nobodies in the entire school and a complete Hermione Granger, hair, grades, breakdowns, and everything.

Compatible? Not. I am now extremely nervous and cannot think of a single thing to do. What do you plan for a date with the gorgeous, very popular Student Body Vice-President who you've never spoken to and you think has too many cars? (j/k, that video was funny)

I'm going to ask him what he wants to do. Maybe he can come up with some ideas and a group to go with.

Greg says that I should suggest to him that he pay for the date because I "paid" for him. I dunno. Greg says he'd go for it, but I don't even know him. How can I suggest that?

Sheesh. This is so complicated. All I wanted was to donate to a good cause. It'll probably turn out all right.

I hope.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

something good happened today

But I can't remember what it was. I remember what's bad-but not good. Hm. I'm going to be thinking about what was good, because I know something was.

To be continued

Monday, September 22, 2008

i am going to bed

Ever felt like that before? :)


Right now, I feel like I'm three or four different people. I'm all confused about how I feel.


waking up

For about two hours last night, I kept hearing people yelling at me to wake up. First it was Q, then it was TC, then it was Chels, then it was Suzzie, and so on.

I'm kind of annoyed! Stop haunting my dreams, people! I could still sleep for two more hours! :) :D


Sunday, September 21, 2008


So, I got a comment from someone saying that it was creepy topost on a blog of someone you don't know. I apologized and said I wouldn't post again; I was only interested in the cool bird picture that was posted.

Have you guys ever posted on a blog of a person you don't know? I didn't mean anything by it-I was just trying to be friendly. Besides, she did ask if anyone knew what the bird was, and I had a close guess.

I'm not trying to justify myself, and I feel really bad for scaring her, but has anyone else ever done that?

If the person I'm talking about reads this, again, I am so sorry. Please accept my apologies-I really, really didn't mean anything by it.

Dang it, I feel so bad!

new idea

I am stealing an idea from Amber, a blogger who I read a lot. She searches for images that go with what she's thinking about or how she's feeling, so I decided to do it too. Why? Because it's a good idea.

self diagnosis

I have collected and organized data from several different people who shall remain nameless who all have said these same statements in varying word usage:

1. You are such a fun person to talk to, because you talk about so many different things.

2. You are the hardest person to follow in a conversation, because you jump to so many different subjects.

3. You are so random! I swear your brain never stops processing things!

4. Do you always talk like that?

I have come to the conclusion that I suffer from a condition called BAHD, or Brain Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, meaning that my particular brain cannot stay on the same subject for more than five minutes without severe conscious effort. So I am not ADHD. I am merely BAHD.


That's what a Kokanee looks like when it's ready to spawn. You probably knew that, but it's still cool.

Homecoming 2008-2009 Part III

Still in the parking lot waiting for Jason and the rest of his crew...again.

Crossing the Himalayas!!! (speed bumps...haha)

We decide (Andrew and Jordan) to try and lose the car following us (Jason and the rest). Chelsea and I encourage them, and we set off to a cul-de-sac. When they pull up next to us, we take off and soon lose them by turning down a side street. We proceed to park next to Jordan's house.

Sprinkler attack. Jordan gets a little wet and performs an amazing side step hop thing, then helps me out. He has such strong hands. No, really. I know that sounds dumb, but it's true.

Chelsea and I wait outside while the boys go flag down the other car. We pretend to be Cinderella, and tip toe along the flagstones under Jordan's porch. Little did we know that the kitchen window was open, and Bro. and Sis. Raddatz were watching us. They haven't even met me and they already know I'm a goofball. Sheesh.

Entering my date's house was kind of unnerving. I've never been good with the meet the parents sort of thing, but I was immediately unnervousified when I saw Jordan's little brother Kyle decked out in a red cummerbund with matching bowtie, and his little sister Mandy dressed in a pretty purple formal with her hair all pulled up. Amy, the baby, glared at me most of the time I was there, and I figured it out after we left. I was with her brother! "Jordan's not yours, he's mine!" So cute.

After thanking Sis. Raddatz for the beautiful corsage she made me, I was "helped" by a blushing Jordan into my chair. It was rather funny, watching him stand there after everyone but he and I were seated, realizing that his brother was making miming motions to pull the chair out for me, say "Oh!", and get to it. Luckily he didn't push the chair in for me. That could have been a disaster.

Before the first course arrived, Jason mentioned that he thought Mandy was very cute. That brought up a lot of jokes about how he was really going to take Mandy to the dance and not Jane. Jordan did not like that. “No, he’s not.” “No.” “Uh uh.” “No.” All very firmly said, which Jordan usually is not. He’s very protective of his sisters, and he’s so cute with them too. You can tell that he loves his family very much.

The salads are being served. Andrew sits down from taking off his jacket, knocks into the table, and water spills everywhere! It was so funny! No one got seriously wet, and we had enough napkins to mop up what hadn't already been taken care of by the tablecloth. It was the butt of many jokes for the rest of the evening. Drew took it stoically, even making up some himself. It was great.

Another fun thing about the salads was that it was very quiet, until Jordan bit into his first crouton. The look on his face was so funny! He didn't expect it to be quite so loud, and I couldn't help but start to giggle. Everyone else started having problems with the croutons, and when Jane pointed it out, Jordan said "Yeah, they're pretty loud. As Sarah knows." Then Derek tried to stab one of his, and it exploded. It was so funny! I'm laughing right now as I type it.

We all have something in common. Jordan, Drew, Chelsea, Jane, Jason, Ann, Adam, Chelsea, Derek, and I all ate our cucumbers. None of us at our tomatoes.

Bro. Raddatz is an amazing cook! The plates were each beautifully presented by Mandy and Kyle, who were very serious about their jobs as head waiter and assistant. Everything was delicious, and then Derek found a carrot with a face on it amid his girlfriend’s vegetables. “No, it really has a face!” he protested when everyone laughed, but I saw it. There was a green smile, and two little tiny pieces of broccoli leaf made up the eyes. Chelsea wouldn’t eat it, and Derek wanted to save it. None of the girls went for that, but I thought it was funny.

Again, dinner was very quiet. Jokes were passed between the boys, and the new word “fwierd” came into existence. Fweird means fun-weird. It came about because I said something, and everyone started to laugh. I sighed and said, “I’m so weird. Sorry.” Jordan said, “Nah, you’re fun. It’s a fun weird.” Drew nodded, raised his finger, and said “Fweird.” That began a series of text messages around the table. Boys are so fweird.

Oh, and I was the first one done. As usual. Jordan was last. We compensate for each other, no?

Adam needed to find a bathroom during the meal, so Jordan told him to make sure that Adam remembered that the light switch was on the outside of the room. Adam forgot, and we heard a cry “It’s dark!!!” That brought Bro. Raddatz running with the camera, and he snapped one of Adam when he came out the door. I hope they send around the pictures they took at dinner. Some of them are pretty funny.

Cheesecake, anyone? Or how about four different kinds of cheesecake? I was so torn between all four, so I ended up having Jordan choose for me (the following was said very quietly as the dessert was being brought in-just in case Chelsea is wondering what I’m talking about :).

“Strawberry? Hmmm…well, you’re sweet enough, but something a bit more sophisticated. Key lime-ah, good choice. But, you’re not a very tart personality. Turtle? You’re looking at it like that’s a no. You wouldn’t mind it? Still, I think it’s a bit too immature, you know with the candy and things in it. So how about? Ah ha! A nicely marbled chocolate and vanilla, very rich, simple, and sophisticated. Not to mention, my favorite.”

Isn’t that funny? He’s so sweet, and he just comes up with things out of the blue. Still, he ended up having key lime. The chocolate marble was gone. He’s so sweet, but not tart. I think he should have taken strawberry.

The decision is made to go to the dance. It’s getting late, and the boys are worried that we’ll miss it. Getting out the door takes about half an hour, since I have wanted to meet Jordan’s two dogs, and I also wanted to talk to his little sisters and his mother. Jordan rolls his eyes and says, “Meet the ditziest dog in America,” and calls in his Boxer. I disagreed with him. Boxers are extremely smart, but they don’t want to do any more than they have to. They have mastered the art of playing stupid, which his is clearly not. He didn’t agree with me, but his mom did. Then there was the chocolate lab, who was so excited to meet me that she almost knocked me down. Jordan was impressed by how well I talked with his dogs. He liked that I treated them like people.

Then I got to talk to his sisters. I bent down to talk to Amy, who was standing up in her high chair. “Is Jordan your brother?” She glared at me. “You love Jordan, don’t you? I think he’s very nice, and he likes you a lot.” I was nearly jumped on, but her mom caught her, so I received a kiss on the cheek instead. Kids know what you’re talking about too.

Mandy was a different story. When I went up to talk to her, she was tugging on Jordan’s coat tails. He put his hands on his hips and said, “What?” She wiggled her finger at him, and he bent down (a long way, because she’s tiny!). She whispered something in his ear. He whispered back. She whispered again. He whispered back. She giggled and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. “Jordan, what did she say?” I asked quietly. He blushed, put his finger to his lip, and shook his head, “It’s a secret.”

Then I felt someone tugging on my dress. I looked down, and there was Mandy. I bent to talk to her, and she whispered in my ear, “Jordan likes you.” I whispered back, “I like him, too.” “I love my brother,” she said. “And I know he loves you very much, Mandy. He’s a very nice boy.” Mandy nodded seriously, “He likes you.” And off she skipped. “What did she say, Sarah?” Jordan asked. I put my finger to my lips, shook my head, and smiled. “It’s a secret.” He snapped his fingers and said, “Darn it! When girls whisper, it makes me nervous.”

Then we had to take pictures together. Jordan and I stood rather awkwardly next to one another. His mom said, “Jordie, put your arm around her!” He complied, but put it around my neck. Everyone laughed and cried, “No, her waist Jordan!” He had the kind of Ron Weasleyish look of “Where?” on his face, and didn’t move. We had our picture, then his parents wanted to get a picture of the tails on his coat to send to his brother on a mission. With a very pained look on his face, he pulled them out behind him and posed. Bro. Raddatz let everyone get a good laugh before he took the picture, and Jordan was ready to go out the door. He stopped on the doorstep (we were the last couple out) and spoke to his mom for a bit. “Last minute instructions?” I teased. He shook his head, “No. Just thanking her. She’s great.”

Is he not an excellent person to go out with? All night long he was just so nice and sweet. It was amazing!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kokanee Salmon Day

My family and I decided that we would take a drive up to Strawberry Reservoir just above Heber. It was a pretty drive, full of leaves the color of bananas, caution cones, and first aid crosses. Surprisingly there were no fights, arguments, or thrown punches the whole way up the canyon. That's got to be a first.

As we were driving along, we saw this sign placed on the side of the road proclaiming that today was Heber Valley's Kokanee Salmon Day. I begged to turn right so we could go look, and everyone else agreed.

Smokey the Bear was there! And so I also begged to get my picture taken with him. Amanda was happy to go with me; Meghan was more reluctant "I don't want to. It's like getting your picture taken with Santa Claus!" But she did, when I told her she was being too grown-up and needed to act more immature.

Inside the Visitor's Center, there were three tables set up to teach about various parts of wildlife and the Strawberry Reservoir. I was particularly interested in the huge underwater sonar torpedo, used by the Scuba Diving Rescue teams. The torpedo sends out sound waves which are then sent to a computer, showing pictures of the lake or river floor. When the sonar picks up something out of the ordinary, it shows the object in the picture on the computer map. The operator can then click on the map beacon and find the exact coordinates of the object, i.e. boat, body, or other such thing. It was kind of sad that they've had to use it at the reservoir so many times, once two years ago when five people drowned. Still, the technology is amazing.

The other great part about the Visitor's Center was that they had an exotic animal show. The couple showed various animals that are allowed as pets in Utah but require special care. One was a boa constrictor, very scary and I touched it! BLEGH!! Another was an African Hedgehog named Huff 'n Puff, which was very cute, prickly, and liked some smell that I had on my hands, so he started drooling. There was also a green parrot who said hello, uh-huh, nope, yep, sorry, and good-bye. He likes almonds. My favorite though was a fluffy, oh-so-soft, grey Chinchilla named Gizmo. She was just precious!!! Almost bit Amanda because she kept touching Gizmo's whiskers, and she didn't like that.

After I looked at the animals for awhile, I went outside to see a midnight black raven, a beautiful oat brown barn owl, and a magnificent sienna hawk. They were really neat to look at.

I got tired of being pushed around by kids half my size, and I felt that if I left the birds and animals wouldn't be as crowded, so I started walking down the boardwalk to go see the Kokanee Salmon. There weren't very many swimming upstream as I walked along the trail, but as I reached the fishery I began to see the stop sign red and Christmas tree green of the salmon, fighting to get upstream to lay and fertilize their eggs. They truly are fascinating to look at. I got to the fishery and there were hundreds of salmon in the fish traps, which is where fish are caught to show people and also where the eggs can be regulated and transported by Fish and Wildlife workers. I learned how to tell the difference between male and female salmon: males have a prominent jutting bone above their nose and a higher hump along the back, which is mainly how you tell them apart. When ready to spawn, females have a large bulge where the eggs are held under their stomachs.

Gospel truth: the eggs really are orange. I know this because one of the workers caught a female fish, and she kind of exploded. At least the fish was already dead, but still. Kind of sad.

I met three awesome dogs-Rusty, Whimpers, and Prince. They were all pretty much amazing, each with their own personality and each very prone to kiss you. :)

All in all it was a pretty fun day. The scenery was beautiful, the people great, and the wildlife fascinating. Not to mention Smokey gave me a wrist band and eraser. That pretty much made my day.

This picture isn't from today, but it's from an adventure we had last fall. It seemed kind of appropriate, since I didn't have control of the digital camera this trip. :P Mom wouldn't let me have it. Darn.

P.S. I promise I'll post the third part of Homecoming tomorrow. Don't shoot me!!!


Am I the only one who posts more than twice a day? I must be really obsessed with this thing, because I check for other people's new posts, don't see any, and post on mine.

Hey, it's fun! I love this thing! Blogger is amazing!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I found this really cool Scholastic website that generates random writing prompts. You choose a grade (1-4) and then press the spin buttons or lever, and random stuff spits out. Here's some examples:

-Describe a day in the life of an awkward vampire who has to save the world.
-List five characteristics of a greedy stork who ignores orchestras.
-Write a brief biography of a brainy orangutan who is the worst singer in the world.

Funny, huh? Feel free to write stories for these, email me, and I'll choose the ones that are the best written or that I like the best and I'll post them.


so hard not to complain. it's been a rough day again.

on the up side, mom let me drive to work again. and i got a strawberry lemonade from the vending machine (in the faculty lounge since i'm staff, so it's only 50 cents!) and then the Student Council gave us custodians a box of donuts, because they felt bad that Spirit Week had been such a big mess. they were pretty good donuts, actually.

on the downer side, i'm just depressed and i've got no idea why.

on the upper side, it's cloudy. and the dishwasher is making nice sounds. and my puppy loves me.

smart board

Multimedia has been full of stupid Microsoft commercials, people being knocked down by sledders, Google Map knowing everything, and now a smart board that is stealing several people's attention. Okay, so it had mine for a while, but I got tired of having my drawings erased by the boys.

Smart board is so fun! I like it, because no one expects the picture to look good. Besides that, you can easily fix errors and have all of the computer options on a gigantic white board, just waiting to be played with.

I'm getting redundant. It must be Friday.


This class is so boring. And so is study hall. Hope she doesn't catch me blogging! :D
The risk just makes it so much more fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So I was looking at my template while waiting for the page to load and I realized that the camouflage pattern makes the face of a dog over and over again. It's a very cute, very determined dog.

What the random, right?


So I've been reading a lot of my friends blogs lately, and I'm realizing how cute and fun their layouts and posting style is. I compare mine, and it's camoflauge. How lame is that? I probably should be more like my friends.

See, I get told a lot that I'm more "masculine" than "feminine" and I need to act more like a girl. I need advice. Should I change my background to be more normal? I mean, I know I'm on the Air Force/Military road right now, because I want to do that when/if I ever grow up.

I'm confused. I'm hurt because boys are stupid (nod to Chelsea). And I just don't know what to do. Either I play to what I'm interested in (Woods, Multimedia, Air Force, field sciences, et cetera) or I do what people want and fit in better. I know everyone is going to say "Beeeee yourself, do what you like, and don't care about what anyone else says." Ha, Q, I'm quite the mind reader, aren't I? :) Still, I'm going to ask anyway. What should I do?


I couldn't wake up today. Mom told me to sleep through first period and go to second. Well, I woke up, ate breakfast, and decided I didn't want to go to second period. Spanish 4 is lame, and I can just email my teacher for my homework. So yeah. Today is the first day this school year that I have sluffed a class. I love it.

Now I'm going to justify myself. I'm burned out!!! It's so lame because school has only been in for, what, four weeks? Less maybe? I will be going for third and fourth period, mainly because I can't afford to miss Science and I like it anyway, and I'd go to Woodshop even if the building were on fire. I love that class!

multimedia second draft

K, here's what the poster looks like after I worked on it today. I'm kind of unhappy with some of it, so when I get in class again on Friday I'm going to ask Mr. Brown if there's a way to make it more fluid.

Lemme know what you think:


I am amazed at the redundancy in the school systems. I took Teen Living in 9th grade, and hear I am a few years later taking the exact same class under a different name. Adult Roles is seriously exactly the same, and it's kind of annoying.

I've decided that going into some type of geology field would not be a terrible thing. Rocks and minerals are so much easier to deal with than people. Which is why I think
Mr. Clark became a geophysicist. Numbers and abiotic material. Perfect for him ;).

So yeah, I'm in school right now. Bored out of my mind, as usual. At least I got all of my homework done last night. Finally.

Anyone available to hang out Friday night? Or is there a football game at home or something?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm going to bed now. I'm sick of history and I hate Algebra.

Good night. Loves!


my pen died

At this moment in time...


School Today

45/45 on my Spanish test today!!! Yayuh!!!

So, last week I accidentally sanded the tip of my finger off when I was running the beltsander in woodshop. It kind of hurt, but it was mostly just annoying. Then today...this needs a new paragraph.

Today was an adventure in woodshop. I didn't touch the beltsander, if that's what you're wondering. No, I accidentally touched the blade on the bandsaw. While it was cutting my wood. Ouch. It only took off a little bit of skin, but all of the boys were freaking out and ran to get the teacher. There wasn't any blood, for crying out loud! Anyway, I'm all like "It's just a scratch, no big deal." I turn around, and there's a giant spider hanging in front of my face. A real live one, dangling from a thread. I immediately drop my wood, scream, and run and hide behind Josh.

Obviously everyone starts to laugh. "Just a scratch, and then this!!!" Brody cried.

Yeah. It was lame.

random messing around

This is before I "learned" Photoshop in class.

lightning meets volcano

These are some of the most amazing images I've ever seen in my entire life. Take a peek.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Homecoming 2008-2009 Part II

4:30 P.M.
Second shower of the day, because the activity in the morning was actually quite physical. Not like that, for all of you who automatically think of what I told my mom last night [Martie, this is you (for those of you out of the loop, I'll explain later)]. All of the running around made me sticky, so I hopped into the shower for a very cold rinse. Dishwasher was running. Loverly.

4:45 P.M.
Make-up and hair time! My mom loves dances; it's the only time I let her touch my hair without doing it grudgingly. Up in little rhinestone clips it goes, gel to stop frizz, gel again, take it out, straighten part, in go the clips, out they come, in, out, gel-fin!!! Then comes make-up...

5:15 P.M.
Make-up. We're doing eyes. :)

5:30 P.M.
My mother says that I am the only person that she knows who is harder to put lipstick on than eyes. She says that I can keep my eyes open forever, but as soon as my mouth opens out come the yawns, giggles, and other such things. Silly, right? I dunno. I just can't sit still when stuff if by my mouth. I either want to eat it or I want to get away from it. :)

5:45 P.M.
On goes the dress! One problem-the stays are so tight that I can't bend over to lace up my shoes. So, mom had to do it for me. I felt like Cinderella.

6:00 P.M.
He's supposed to be here.

6:01 P.M.

6:02 P.M.

6:03 P.M.
Hit in the face with a tennis ball and join in the game.

6:04 P.M.
Resume pacing

6:05 P.M.
Mom found the camera. Picture time. I am picky about it this time; she kept shooting on the side where my hair wasn't over my shoulder, so I looked all out of balance. We took it three times-then more.

6:12 P.M.
Jordan's coming up the walk, and I'm still in the living room! Run for it!

I make my entrance, all Belle-like (favorite princess). Jordan is so handsome! He went all out and got a tuxedo. I have to admit I was impressed. We even matched perfectly, my brown dress the same shade as his vest. Awesome. The good-byes, good lucks, last minute instructions, and off we go!

6:20 P.M.
At MVHS, we get in line for pictures. Thing is, there was no line, so we just step right up and pose around the lightpost that is the prop (again). Very fun.

6:30 P.M.
Rest of group is late. Drew, Chels, Jordan, and I sit in The Zone and wait.

6:40 P.M.
Still waiting

6:50 P.M.
Say hello to people

7:00 P.M.
Finally they show up! Jane and Ann look so cute. Chelsea (Derek's) is pretty. Adam is spiffy, Jason is tall and cool, Derek is snazzy. All in all, we had a great group.

7:05 P.M.
Enter the Men in Black Protecting Barbie Doll Models, aka our group picture idea. Pretty sweet.

7:10 P.M.
Out the door for dinner!

Homecoming 2008-2009 Part I

All right, people, here comes the Homecoming Journal Entry. Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!!

Saturday September 13 11:30 A.M.
I hate make-up. It's so complicated.

Saturday September 13 12:06 P.M.
Jordan is six minutes late. No big deal. I go upstairs and email some people telling them that he's six minutes late, and as I walk down the stairs there is a shadow at the door. Dad gets there first. Introductions are made, and out we go.

12:20 P.M.
The second group takes forEVER to get everyone into the car. We start to drive to the park where we are going to play frisbee golf.

12:30 P.M.

12:40 P.M.
Still lost.

12:45 P.M.
Lost, lost, lost.

1:00 P.M.
Park!!! We have arrived and are able to pass out frisbees! Jordan actually spelled my name right, as he told everyone. It was pretty funny.

1:15 P.M.
First target is completed. Five throws for me, seven for Jordan. Lol.

1:30 P.M.
Second target complete. Four throws for me. Jordan stopped counting at seven. He lost track.

2:00 P.M.
Interest in frisbee golf has faded, as every single one of us (Jason, Jane, Adam, Ann, Derek, Chelsea, Andrew, Chelsea, Jordan, and me) suck at this game. We decide to take a nature walk through the wetlands in the park. Along the way we see pairs of dragonflies (awkward silences ensue), find a natural groundwater spring filled with goldfish (Jordan gets onto the edge, I fall over, and proceed to nearly fall in. Luckily he caught me.), and learn about the rare and exotic Peach-Leafed Willow Tree. It actually grows tiny peaches.

2:30 P.M.
Cookies, goldfish, licorice, soda, and water break out!!! Also, Drew, Jace, and Adam head over to the car, turn it on, and become so absorbed in the game that they forget where they are until Jordan coughs, "Um, guys? We're on a date?" Funny.
A game of Tag, You're It begins on the playground. Rules: You can only stay on the woodchips for two steps or for two seconds, whichever comes first. I won. Jordan tried to get me but failed. Haha!

2:45 P.M.
Time to go get ready!!!

Oh, and by the way. Going home we did not get lost, because we were not following Jason. :)


So, Mr. Brown has liked all of my work so far, which is amazing because I've only used Photoshop for about twenty minutes in my life. I'm so suprised at how great his feedback is; he never makes fun of me and he always has great stuff to say, even when I messed up.

Here's what I've got so far. It's a poster for one of the books I'm working on right now. Mr. Brown likes it, but he wants less lightning feel and a lot more torn/ripped texture. Which works better.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I'll post more on Homecoming tomorrow.

Oh, and I got the highest score in the class on my science test. 24/26, with the curve he placed 24/24. SWEET!!!

Homecoming Music

So, I got asked to Homecoming on Monday, and I went to the dance on Saturday. Here's a list of some of the fun songs (and the ones I remember right now, or know the names of) that they played:



Thursday, September 4, 2008


i took a science test today. i think i failed it. that, or i did a super good job. i'm not sure though. find out monday...stay tuned for a post that says OMG NOWAY!!!! or LOOOOOOOOseRRRRRRRRRR.