Monday, September 15, 2008

Homecoming 2008-2009 Part I

All right, people, here comes the Homecoming Journal Entry. Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!!

Saturday September 13 11:30 A.M.
I hate make-up. It's so complicated.

Saturday September 13 12:06 P.M.
Jordan is six minutes late. No big deal. I go upstairs and email some people telling them that he's six minutes late, and as I walk down the stairs there is a shadow at the door. Dad gets there first. Introductions are made, and out we go.

12:20 P.M.
The second group takes forEVER to get everyone into the car. We start to drive to the park where we are going to play frisbee golf.

12:30 P.M.

12:40 P.M.
Still lost.

12:45 P.M.
Lost, lost, lost.

1:00 P.M.
Park!!! We have arrived and are able to pass out frisbees! Jordan actually spelled my name right, as he told everyone. It was pretty funny.

1:15 P.M.
First target is completed. Five throws for me, seven for Jordan. Lol.

1:30 P.M.
Second target complete. Four throws for me. Jordan stopped counting at seven. He lost track.

2:00 P.M.
Interest in frisbee golf has faded, as every single one of us (Jason, Jane, Adam, Ann, Derek, Chelsea, Andrew, Chelsea, Jordan, and me) suck at this game. We decide to take a nature walk through the wetlands in the park. Along the way we see pairs of dragonflies (awkward silences ensue), find a natural groundwater spring filled with goldfish (Jordan gets onto the edge, I fall over, and proceed to nearly fall in. Luckily he caught me.), and learn about the rare and exotic Peach-Leafed Willow Tree. It actually grows tiny peaches.

2:30 P.M.
Cookies, goldfish, licorice, soda, and water break out!!! Also, Drew, Jace, and Adam head over to the car, turn it on, and become so absorbed in the game that they forget where they are until Jordan coughs, "Um, guys? We're on a date?" Funny.
A game of Tag, You're It begins on the playground. Rules: You can only stay on the woodchips for two steps or for two seconds, whichever comes first. I won. Jordan tried to get me but failed. Haha!

2:45 P.M.
Time to go get ready!!!

Oh, and by the way. Going home we did not get lost, because we were not following Jason. :)

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