Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homecoming 2008-2009 Part III

Still in the parking lot waiting for Jason and the rest of his crew...again.

Crossing the Himalayas!!! (speed bumps...haha)

We decide (Andrew and Jordan) to try and lose the car following us (Jason and the rest). Chelsea and I encourage them, and we set off to a cul-de-sac. When they pull up next to us, we take off and soon lose them by turning down a side street. We proceed to park next to Jordan's house.

Sprinkler attack. Jordan gets a little wet and performs an amazing side step hop thing, then helps me out. He has such strong hands. No, really. I know that sounds dumb, but it's true.

Chelsea and I wait outside while the boys go flag down the other car. We pretend to be Cinderella, and tip toe along the flagstones under Jordan's porch. Little did we know that the kitchen window was open, and Bro. and Sis. Raddatz were watching us. They haven't even met me and they already know I'm a goofball. Sheesh.

Entering my date's house was kind of unnerving. I've never been good with the meet the parents sort of thing, but I was immediately unnervousified when I saw Jordan's little brother Kyle decked out in a red cummerbund with matching bowtie, and his little sister Mandy dressed in a pretty purple formal with her hair all pulled up. Amy, the baby, glared at me most of the time I was there, and I figured it out after we left. I was with her brother! "Jordan's not yours, he's mine!" So cute.

After thanking Sis. Raddatz for the beautiful corsage she made me, I was "helped" by a blushing Jordan into my chair. It was rather funny, watching him stand there after everyone but he and I were seated, realizing that his brother was making miming motions to pull the chair out for me, say "Oh!", and get to it. Luckily he didn't push the chair in for me. That could have been a disaster.

Before the first course arrived, Jason mentioned that he thought Mandy was very cute. That brought up a lot of jokes about how he was really going to take Mandy to the dance and not Jane. Jordan did not like that. “No, he’s not.” “No.” “Uh uh.” “No.” All very firmly said, which Jordan usually is not. He’s very protective of his sisters, and he’s so cute with them too. You can tell that he loves his family very much.

The salads are being served. Andrew sits down from taking off his jacket, knocks into the table, and water spills everywhere! It was so funny! No one got seriously wet, and we had enough napkins to mop up what hadn't already been taken care of by the tablecloth. It was the butt of many jokes for the rest of the evening. Drew took it stoically, even making up some himself. It was great.

Another fun thing about the salads was that it was very quiet, until Jordan bit into his first crouton. The look on his face was so funny! He didn't expect it to be quite so loud, and I couldn't help but start to giggle. Everyone else started having problems with the croutons, and when Jane pointed it out, Jordan said "Yeah, they're pretty loud. As Sarah knows." Then Derek tried to stab one of his, and it exploded. It was so funny! I'm laughing right now as I type it.

We all have something in common. Jordan, Drew, Chelsea, Jane, Jason, Ann, Adam, Chelsea, Derek, and I all ate our cucumbers. None of us at our tomatoes.

Bro. Raddatz is an amazing cook! The plates were each beautifully presented by Mandy and Kyle, who were very serious about their jobs as head waiter and assistant. Everything was delicious, and then Derek found a carrot with a face on it amid his girlfriend’s vegetables. “No, it really has a face!” he protested when everyone laughed, but I saw it. There was a green smile, and two little tiny pieces of broccoli leaf made up the eyes. Chelsea wouldn’t eat it, and Derek wanted to save it. None of the girls went for that, but I thought it was funny.

Again, dinner was very quiet. Jokes were passed between the boys, and the new word “fwierd” came into existence. Fweird means fun-weird. It came about because I said something, and everyone started to laugh. I sighed and said, “I’m so weird. Sorry.” Jordan said, “Nah, you’re fun. It’s a fun weird.” Drew nodded, raised his finger, and said “Fweird.” That began a series of text messages around the table. Boys are so fweird.

Oh, and I was the first one done. As usual. Jordan was last. We compensate for each other, no?

Adam needed to find a bathroom during the meal, so Jordan told him to make sure that Adam remembered that the light switch was on the outside of the room. Adam forgot, and we heard a cry “It’s dark!!!” That brought Bro. Raddatz running with the camera, and he snapped one of Adam when he came out the door. I hope they send around the pictures they took at dinner. Some of them are pretty funny.

Cheesecake, anyone? Or how about four different kinds of cheesecake? I was so torn between all four, so I ended up having Jordan choose for me (the following was said very quietly as the dessert was being brought in-just in case Chelsea is wondering what I’m talking about :).

“Strawberry? Hmmm…well, you’re sweet enough, but something a bit more sophisticated. Key lime-ah, good choice. But, you’re not a very tart personality. Turtle? You’re looking at it like that’s a no. You wouldn’t mind it? Still, I think it’s a bit too immature, you know with the candy and things in it. So how about? Ah ha! A nicely marbled chocolate and vanilla, very rich, simple, and sophisticated. Not to mention, my favorite.”

Isn’t that funny? He’s so sweet, and he just comes up with things out of the blue. Still, he ended up having key lime. The chocolate marble was gone. He’s so sweet, but not tart. I think he should have taken strawberry.

The decision is made to go to the dance. It’s getting late, and the boys are worried that we’ll miss it. Getting out the door takes about half an hour, since I have wanted to meet Jordan’s two dogs, and I also wanted to talk to his little sisters and his mother. Jordan rolls his eyes and says, “Meet the ditziest dog in America,” and calls in his Boxer. I disagreed with him. Boxers are extremely smart, but they don’t want to do any more than they have to. They have mastered the art of playing stupid, which his is clearly not. He didn’t agree with me, but his mom did. Then there was the chocolate lab, who was so excited to meet me that she almost knocked me down. Jordan was impressed by how well I talked with his dogs. He liked that I treated them like people.

Then I got to talk to his sisters. I bent down to talk to Amy, who was standing up in her high chair. “Is Jordan your brother?” She glared at me. “You love Jordan, don’t you? I think he’s very nice, and he likes you a lot.” I was nearly jumped on, but her mom caught her, so I received a kiss on the cheek instead. Kids know what you’re talking about too.

Mandy was a different story. When I went up to talk to her, she was tugging on Jordan’s coat tails. He put his hands on his hips and said, “What?” She wiggled her finger at him, and he bent down (a long way, because she’s tiny!). She whispered something in his ear. He whispered back. She whispered again. He whispered back. She giggled and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. “Jordan, what did she say?” I asked quietly. He blushed, put his finger to his lip, and shook his head, “It’s a secret.”

Then I felt someone tugging on my dress. I looked down, and there was Mandy. I bent to talk to her, and she whispered in my ear, “Jordan likes you.” I whispered back, “I like him, too.” “I love my brother,” she said. “And I know he loves you very much, Mandy. He’s a very nice boy.” Mandy nodded seriously, “He likes you.” And off she skipped. “What did she say, Sarah?” Jordan asked. I put my finger to my lips, shook my head, and smiled. “It’s a secret.” He snapped his fingers and said, “Darn it! When girls whisper, it makes me nervous.”

Then we had to take pictures together. Jordan and I stood rather awkwardly next to one another. His mom said, “Jordie, put your arm around her!” He complied, but put it around my neck. Everyone laughed and cried, “No, her waist Jordan!” He had the kind of Ron Weasleyish look of “Where?” on his face, and didn’t move. We had our picture, then his parents wanted to get a picture of the tails on his coat to send to his brother on a mission. With a very pained look on his face, he pulled them out behind him and posed. Bro. Raddatz let everyone get a good laugh before he took the picture, and Jordan was ready to go out the door. He stopped on the doorstep (we were the last couple out) and spoke to his mom for a bit. “Last minute instructions?” I teased. He shook his head, “No. Just thanking her. She’s great.”

Is he not an excellent person to go out with? All night long he was just so nice and sweet. It was amazing!

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