Friday, September 19, 2008


so hard not to complain. it's been a rough day again.

on the up side, mom let me drive to work again. and i got a strawberry lemonade from the vending machine (in the faculty lounge since i'm staff, so it's only 50 cents!) and then the Student Council gave us custodians a box of donuts, because they felt bad that Spirit Week had been such a big mess. they were pretty good donuts, actually.

on the downer side, i'm just depressed and i've got no idea why.

on the upper side, it's cloudy. and the dishwasher is making nice sounds. and my puppy loves me.

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Q said...

Be happy. You can choose to be happy. If you think about it and don't WANT to choose to be happy, then that's understandable.