Thursday, October 9, 2008

assemble to fight drugs and violence...

Or make a fool of myself. For those of you who attended first assembly, I apologize for embarrassing you. For those of you who did not attend first assembly, here's the scoop:

You know how they did an obstacle course which was supposedly for the purpose to show how it is to be drunk? Well, not thinking, I raised my hand because they asked for volunteers. When they actually called on me, I was excited. Then I realized that the possibility that I would have to do something stupid in front of half the student body hit me. I was not happy.

I was assigned to the group of all girls, except for one boy who was designated the "model." The object was simple: win the race. How to do so: place the baseball bat on the floor, touch your nose to it, and spin five times. Crawl as fast as you can through the flimsy cardboard tunnel. Pick up the second bat and repeat the first directions. Swerve through the cones, pick up an item of clothing, and dress your "model."

Lucky for me I did not get dizzy. Hey, I'm a dancer! You cross your eyes once, and walah! Dizziness be gone! So yeah. Kind of defeated the purpose of the exercise. I was the only contestant who didn't fall down. But my team won.

For my trouble and humiliation in front of a very bored audience, I received a fun size Crunch bar.

Overall, the assembly was really lame. But going on stage was fun, even if I ended up with a headache from the candy bar. It was fun.

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