Friday, October 31, 2008

back sprain...

If anyone asks me how I resprained my back, I will hold my head up proudly and say, "Trick or treating. I got fifteen pounds of candy. How much did you get?

Yes, yes, I know. Sprained back and I spent three hours walking around with a fifteen pound bag. Oh, but it was so fun! And guess what?!?!

So, I have had this secret, never fully blossomed and impossible crush on a boy in my Stake. He's a year younger than me, so that also makes it impossible. And his two sisters are best friends with my two sisters. Anyway, his name is Jake, and he's so nice. Halloween is his favorite night of the year. He stopped trick or treating about four years ago to create a haunted house for trick or treaters. Every year, screams fly up from the Thompsons's house.

I hate haunted houses. I scare easily and look like an idiot. But tonight, I decided to be brave for my little sister. She wouldn't go in until she saw me come out alive. So I went in alone. Jake greeted me in complete vampire garb.

"So, you're going it solo, eh? Alone, a nice girl like you?" he grinned.

"Oh, shut up. You're making it worse."

He shrugged, "That's my job."

Well, the first part wasn't that scary. His two twin brothers, Joseph and Hyrum (no joke), danced around in Grim Reeper costumes (they stopped trick or treating and they're six years old; they like helping Jacob) and I had to laugh. Then we reached a room where I couldn't see a thing.

I do not do well in small, dark places. I kind of started to freak out a little bit, and then he turned on this flickering light.

"Candy's on the table if you want it," he said.

I could see the table and the candy, but I couldn't see under the table. He tried to convince me that there was no one under there, and finally he crawled under himself.

"See? No one under...well. I am now. But there's no one else!"

He gave me a handful of candy and then looked at me, "You really are scared?"

I nodded.

He shook his head and laughed.

"Come here," he said, and took my hand.

AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! THAT scared me. ESPECIALLY when we got out of the last room and he didn't let go. Well, didn't scare in a bad way.

Yeah. That was the best part of the night. *insert high pitched girly squee!!!*

And I did get fifteen pounds of candy. It's half as heavy as my backpack, which is 30 pounds. So ha.


Q said...

Dear me.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, love it. glad to hear you had a good halloween!

Tiana ba Llama said...

*sniff I'm jealous. I didn't get to go trick or treating this year. :( I was terribly depressed.