Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I do not feel good about myself, no matter how many scriptures I read or prayers I say. I can't sleep, either. Which is why I'm posting this. Instead of increasing my brain activity, using the computer actually makes me tired. Weird.

So, yeah. I know life really doesn't suck, and I can probably blame it on hormones, but if feels like it.

Enough complaining. Good thing that happened-Mom took me and my sisters to Wendy's and we got food! It was happy. And my seminary teacher called me to see how I was doing. That was happy too. He said, quote, "Today was dumb because you were gone. It wasn't as happy." Awwww...makes me feel good.

Yeah, I didn't go to school today. The burnout I am facing calls for some serious "mental health day" time. Which was also good. I didn't do anything today except play Jewel Quest, read "Crown Duel," "Court Duel," and start "First Test." I went to work, got teased, teased back, and made money. Always nice. Then I had that audition. Grrrr. Ah, well.

See, life really doesn't suck. It just feels like it. Like I want to stick my tongue out at everything and say "I DO NOT CARE."

But that would be mean. So I won't do it.

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Q said...

It will get better. I hope. *hugs*

And I adore Crown and Court Duel.