Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I really hate auditioning. I wonder why I keep doing it.

So. I just got back from auditioning for "A Christmas Carol." My mom said that I did an awesome job. But she's my mom, right?

Well, not only did my mom say that, but so did the auditioners. But they probably think I'm a total airhead. Here's why:

The song I sang is from "My Fair Lady." The ever famous, "Wouldn't it be Loverly." I did it because not only would it show off my ability to do a cockney (or American version) accent, but it also shows off my voice. Not that I have a great voice.

Before I started singing, I went over to the piano player and showed him that I would be singing straight through the song, but skip the first ending and head straight to the second. I asked him if that would be okay, and if it was too much of a pain that I could do something different. It wasn't until later after I auditioned and was in the car going home that I was informed that he is a professional pianist, not the community theater volunteer I am used to. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings or sound like I thought he was no good! Airhead!!!!!! :P

Anyway-according to my mom and the auditioners, I "blew their doors off." So much so that they asked me to read for the part of Martha, the oldest of the Cratchit children (spelling, I know). I went out to get the part to read, and when I came back I didn't walk into the room. I shuffled because I was nervous, kind of like a straightfooted Charlie Chaplan walk. I was scared! I've never read at an audition before!!!!


I looked down at my paper, frowned, and looked at the three people at the table.
"I've never read before (how stupid does that sound?). Would Martha be more proper British or cockney?"

They looked at each other in surprise, deliberated for a few moments, and then one said "Well, she's not high born, but she's not low, low born either."

I frowned, looked at my paper, and began talking to myself. OUT LOUD.
"Okay. So she wouldn't talk like a merchant's daughter. She'd talk like Bob (her father). She'd talk like Bob's daughter."

I looked at them again, brightly said, "Okay!" and babbled out the lines. It came out too fast, and I just couldn't stop the words tumbling over my lips. Oh, well. They told me it was very cute, and that they liked me.

I then proceeded to wave good-bye to them, turn to the piano player, and again show off my airheadedness-"Good job! You were awesome! Thanks."

And I skipped out of the room.

Am I stupid or what?

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Q said...

Even if you were an airhead (doubtful) you probably came off as cute, and now they'll remember you, which is a GOOD THING.