Tuesday, April 7, 2009

merit badges...

Had my first major merit badge transactions today. Talk about a nightmare! Luckily the man knew all of them, so he told me the name as I held them up. I don't understand why the Radio merit badge has a lightning bolt on it; it makes no sense. I also was left all by myself on accident in the front of the store, and at that moment about fifteen people came in at once. One of them wanted stuff from the back room, which I could not find. Another needed help with uniforms, one needed merit badge help, on had questions, one didn't know what she wanted and stayed long after closing (meaning I got home late), et cetera. It was crazy, and I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily Michelle (I work with another Michelle! Cool!) was able to come out and help, and so was Scott. Paul came out, too. I was so glad for the help!

I don't really remember what happened at school, except that I dressed up in bell bottoms and a shirt with a peace sign on it to look like Jane Fonda for History, even though the actual roundtable thing was last week. Maybe he'll still give me extra credit. *crosses fingers* Oh, and Tony, Brian, and I totally wasted all of Multimedia by sitting in the middle of the room talking. The entire time. No joke. It was awesome. But it was weird when Tony asked me if I thought he was attractive. 'Course I do, but I wasn't going to say that! Weird! Adult Roles was pretty lame; we're doing a virtual stock exchange game thing that is a huge and pointless assignment. Oh, well. It's not hard.

Got some homework done, and then wrote that poem. I'm now going to bed.


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Maya Ganesan said...

And I'm into writing about angels :)