Tuesday, April 14, 2009

double post today...

I was too tired to post last night and the Internet connection was acting funny, so I'm doing two poems tonight along with a daily entry (for yesterday and today). Bear with me, and maybe you could make some sort of signal if you read the whole thing. Like <<99 for instance. *shrug*


Woke up late and ate breakfast in the hotel room. We kind of just spent the day hanging out in the room until around 1:00 pm, at which time we headed over to Fiesta Fun Center just down the street from our hotel. There we played miniature golf (I just learned how to spell miniature due to spellcheck...which is supposedly spelled wrong as well...), raced Go Karts, and played arcade games. Dad won the golf game, with the rest of us coming closely behind. Mom got a hole in one, Meghan smacked one about fifty feet from a hole on accident (nearly hitting me), and no one got a ball into the water. Sweet. Technically I got a hole in one as well, but it was my third try at actually hitting the ball anywhere so they wouldn't count it. :P

The Go Karts were fun until I had to get off. I felt super dizzy and sick from going one direction over and over again. I did it twice though-the second time not happily. I think I had a faster car the second time, which was cool. I passed all of the other drivers (not my sisters) at least three times, because they didn't ride on the inside or turn tightly. You can shave off seconds if you stay on the inside. Thank you, National Velvet and The Black Stallion.

The arcade was pretty cool too. Kind of like Chuck E. Cheese here in Orem. A couple of the games broke and ate our tokens, but it wasn't that big of a deal. We ended up getting enough tickets to get three Slinkies, three train whistles, three slap bracelets (flexible metal strips that spring into a circle around your wrist when you smack it onto the back of your arm), and twelve taffy pieces. Not bad for broken games, no?

After we finished up at the Fun Center, the family headed to Chuck-a-Rama for some lovely dinner. It was so good, and I had my traditional cup of hot chocolate. My family always reminds me of the time we were in St. George on the hottest day on record (123 degrees F, I think) and I had a cup of hot chocolate at Chuck-a-Rama. I was cold, okay? I wore only long sleeves and jeans that summer, all in black. That was my super weird stage. Anyway, dinner was great and it was fun to talk to each other. Or technically it was lunner. Too late for lunch, but too early for dinner. Lunner, we call it at my house. Like brunch. Never mind.

When we got back to the hotel, we watched television because mom always loves to watch HGTV. I tried to get the computer to work. It didn't. My sisters went swimming, and I followed along to play with them. Meghan had a bad sunburn from golfin, and Amanda's rashes were healing, so it was all right. There was a lot less chlorine in the water, too. Apparently there were five or six other people who reported breaking out in rashes from too much chlorine in the water. Did I mention that before? Hm... Anyways, I got out when my skin started to burn again and took a shower. Then we went to bed. Sort of. That's what I remember.


We decided to come home two days early from our vacation. Meghan and dad were super burned, Amanda's rash was still hurting her, etc. That meant that we couldn't go swimming and we couldn't do anything out in the sun, which in St. George means pretty much do nothing. So we packed up and headed home after having a nice breakfast at Denny's. Yummy. We stopped at a gas station in Cedar City where I'd seen a glass doll that I adored, but she was gone. *sniff* I drove two hours more after that, and the weather was actually pretty nice. I did back over a high curb on accident, but dad fixed it. Mom thinks she's a better driver than I am, but it's not true. Even dad and my sisters agree. :)

When we got home, we unpacked (sorta) and said hi to our puppies. They were so excited! I was too. I missed them a lot this trip. Mom, dad, and I went to the library to get some movies and books and such. Meghan invited a friend over, and we watched I Was a Male War Bride with Cary Grant and Ann Sheperd or Sheridan or something like that. Can't remember her last name. It was super cute, and really fun to watch. We also watched two episodes of the original television show Bewitched with Elizabeth Montgomery. So fun!

I'm going to bed now. Exhausted! And sorry that was such a boring post. It's just my life, you know?

Other random pics from St. George (I'll post more later, most likely...if you want to see them. Let me know if you do. :) )


Q said...

Those last few pictures are really good.

Georgie K. Buttons said...


Bookgirl said...

Really nice pictures! Who is who in the first pictures?


Georgie K. Buttons said...

In the picture of mini golf, Meghan is in the pink shirt with trees, Amanda is in the pink hoody, Dad is the only male, and I'm in the red hat and grey shirt.

In the pool picture, Amanda is in the purple suit and Meghan is in the blue.

Buddy is the black, brown, and white beagle and Misty is the white mutt.

Mom is in hardly any of the pictures I took. She hates it. :P