Wednesday, April 15, 2009


April 15. Spring Break. And it's snowing. It has been for most of the day. Ah, well. Could be worse, I guess. I'd planned to cut the grass today, but obviously my plans had to change. Change they did, and my family decided to go bowling. It was rather fun, even though I suck at it. I tend to like games that I suck at. Mini golf, bowling, and chess included among those.

Mom and dad each got more than one strike, and the three of us girls each got close. Final scores:

I know the picture says that mom got 105, but her score got mixed up and it didn't count one of her strikes. We just added the extra 10 points on at the end.

Not bad, I guess. After bowling, we went to Golden Corral for lunner (again with the lunner) and it was a lot of fun. My sisters and I filmed some little stupid videos involving the gummy bears that Amanda nicked from the counter. I got a needle and thread and stuck them through the top of the bears so that we could use them as puppets of a sort, and then we danced them around. It was funny and totally a "you had to be there" sort of moment.

Watching Bewitched followed naptime, and then I retreated to my bedroom to post photos on Facebook. Yay, Facebook. And a certain boy added me. When I opened my email and saw his name in the subject line, I experienced an electric excitement that was quite exhilarating. Yay for Xs. He actually added me! I didn't have to go find him! Lol. I'm so dumb.

I joined Grace in Small Things today. It's basically a thankfulness blog, where you write down five things a day that you are grateful for or made you happy. I'm not going to do it here until NaPoMo is finished. Otherwise my posts will be super boring and lame for you guys to read.

I'm done.

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Bookgirl said...

Nice "Cherry Snow" post!

I love Bewitched!!!