Monday, April 6, 2009

reach out...

I love this picture. I really, really do.

I could write more thoughts about how I feel about this picture, but I'm not going to today. I'm too tired. And since nothing much happened today, except going to school, work (met the entirely archaic vacuum and do not wish to shake hands with him again) where I ended up helping people and stocking shelves, going to the library for a lecture on the Passover with my family, and coming home to have dinner, this isn't a waste of a post. Maybe.

If I forgot something and remember it tomorrow, it will be noted when I post.



Kathryn Hope said...

Well, I have been practicing my Japanese lately. Here is a little bit of Japanese.

Konnichiwa, Georgie,

O-genki desu ka? Nihongo hanasemasen.



Okay. Here is my messge in English.

Hello, Georgie,

How are you? I don't speak Japanese very well.



By the way, I loved your poem.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Kathryn: That's awesome that you're taking a language, especially such a hard one! Good for you!

And thanks for reading the poem. :D

Char said...

:) you are the poet. I like this one. thanks for reading my blog - it's always great to meet new people.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Char: Lol, thanks! It's a pleasure to read your blog, and thanks for the comment on the poem. :D

Kathryn Hope said...

Thanks! I might be changing my name around a little. First I was "Katie" now I am "Kathryn Hope". I might be changing it to a permanant "Bookgirl" for security reasons.


Katie, Kathryn Hope, Bookgirl

Woman in a Window said...

For such a young heart, you wrote this like a mother. Nicely done. Get some rest.