Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This week's schedule has looked like this:
  • Monday-Art Final, 10:00/World Cultures02 Final, 11:30
  • Tuesday-EnglishTen Final, part IV, 10:00
  • Wednesday-Political Science Final, 9:00/Biology Final 11:00
  • Thursday-Ballet Final, 9:00/PE04 Final, 11:30/EnglishTen Final, part V, 1:30
  • Friday-World Cultures03 Final, 11:30

Can you tell what week it is? At least these classes will be DONE after this week, with only a couple of PE left, a couple of EnglishTen, a World Cultures, and six math. Not to mention Health.

I feel like a busy person at the moment.

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