Friday, August 29, 2008

Changes II

There has been another change in my schedule. US History and Multimedia were so extremely full that they (the school) had to create new sections for the subject. I was placed in each new section, so now B days I have History B3 and Multimedia B4. Sweet sauce.

So, I am totally loving my Woodshop class. It is the best thing on the entire planet (of the small part of the world that I have seen, anyway)! The sounds of the machines, the weight of the tools, the smell of burning and fresh cut wood, the solitude of just me and whatever I am setting out to make. Sigh. It's so perfect. I absolutely love it.

Multimedia is pretty great too. We started learning to use Photoshop today. I've only used it once before, fiddling around in Digital Photograph in Jr. High. The assignment is to destroy a picture to your liking, and if it works for a second assignment, well done. The first project we have is to create a movie poster for one of our favorite movies, so I decided to create a poster of Susan and Prince Caspian.

General Layout-

Susan and Caspian, each with their weapon of choice standing side by side, with Susan slightly behind the prince. Not because Susan is weak because she's a girl, but because I like the idea that Caspian will protect her when she needs it. Us girls are tough, but occasionally we need a little rescuing. It looks cooler than it sounds, so I might post it when I get it finished.

Homecoming is in two weeks. I don't think I'll get asked. I'd love to go, you know. Ah, well. Whatever happens happens.


Q said...

I love woods. And you can play up the girl advantage in that class in the unlikely event that you're not sure what to do.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Well, it's kind of funny. I ask the teacher for help and understand it. Then all of these boys crowd around me asking for my help with setting up machines, using tools, etc. They say that they're too afraid to ask the teacher because they think he'll think that they weren't paying attention. Which is generally true, but still. It's funny. Lots of people watch me, which is embarrassing when I make a mistake.

Ah well. I'm making lots of friends, and guys are a lot more fun to hang out in a group with than girls. No mean talk or backbiting, you know?

Q said...

Yeah, no kidding.

Tiana ba Llama said...

Yay for you and woods! :) And I'm with ya concerning Homecoming...que sera, sera (plus a couple of accent marks).