Friday, March 25, 2011

rooftop picnic...

Last week was spring break for the university I go to. For the most part I was home alone watching movies and cleaning my house, as my mom and sisters were still in school and my dad was on a business trip. However, there was much rejoicing with friends and family members in the evenings and some random times during the day.

One particular event was probably one of the best things to ever happen in my life. My sister and I were sitting at the kitchen table one afternoon after she got home from school when my phone rang. I answered it to hear Jason's voice asking me if I wanted a shake, and being me of course I said YES! "Come out to your backyard."

Huh? We did as he said, and there he was with his brother Jordan, sitting ON MY ROOF with an In-n-Out picnic spread out next to them. Oh, and they had taken up an iPod and portable speakers. They invited us up, and we had shakes, fries, and hamburgers on the roof. See why they're my best friends? They're freaking amazing!! Who does that kind of thing, you know? All of my girlfriends were so jealous when I told them about our jolly excursion to the world of chimneys and roof tiles. And yes, Jordan did dance like a chimney sweep to music from Mary Poppins, heel clicks and all. Then instead of taking the ladder back down like a normal person, he jumped off.

It was epic.


Q said...

Good grief.

Holly said...

absolutely fantastic. must do this. (when I go home and there's not a $500 fine for climbing onto the roof, that is.)