Wednesday, January 2, 2013

who would've thought...

I have a reputation for being against all the things boys and girls do when they like each other (or just being against liking anyone in general). I also have a reputation for saying things like, "dating is stupid," "I will never be in a relationship," "no more boys for friends," and the like. Just two weeks ago, multiple declarations in favor of independence and vehement protestations against dating and friendships with men were the norm.

I have a right to change my mind, don't I?

Who would have guessed that me, scaredy-cat Georgie, would actually like spending time with a guy? Would actually reciprocate affection? Would look forward to seeing someone, rather than dread it? Sure, we don't know each other super well yet, but who cares? That's the point of dating!

Honestly, though. Who would have thought? Not me, for sure.

Welcome, 2013. Let's see how this thing goes.

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