Tuesday, August 6, 2013

fireworks in the yard...

Lighting fireworks with my family was something I loved doing when I was little. Somewhere in time, the tradition died -- as did most traditions and holiday celebrations. This year, I decided it was about time someone brought fireworks back. I bought a cheap package of fireworks, some ground flowers, and some sparklers (because you cannot light fireworks without having sparklers).

And while I don't have a yard, I do have a lovely black stretch of asphalt in front of the garage.

Meghan and I all ready to light 'em up.

I love sparklers.

Few things are better than giving your dad a sparkler and having him immediately point it at a just lit firework yelling, "Expecto Patronum!!"

Amanda and me - I don't think we have taken a serious picture in three years.

Here's to bringing back traditions and parties, one holiday at a time.

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