Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I've got a date, a date, a date, a date.

Yes!!! I have a date, my first ever date. And it's to a formal dance. So excited. But I don't know what to do during the day yet. Any ideas? Post a comment if you know of anything fun for four people to do. And where to find cute dresses that aren't so very *ouch X\*, if you know what I mean.

Agh, glare. I can hardly see the computer screen. This is why you don't let anyone else place the monitor, you do it yourself. ;)

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Q said...


Who says you have to have a day date? You COULD just have dinner at someone's house and play games.

However, if you wanted to have a day date, you could have a scavenger hunt at Wal-mart. Each team goes and gets twenty items in a basket and bring their basket to the front of the store, then the teams switch baskets and put each others' stuff back. I hear it's good fun.

You could make a dress... My sister made her homecoming dress... I hemmed it... Then it would fit you just right and you could get a style that is flattering. And it would be less expensive. The best time to go shopping for formal dresses is after prom...in June... Which is just a little late, but it could work! ;)