Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Visitors...

Christmas is great. The spirit of the season makes everything worth it, even though I usually end up looking something like this: --------------------------------------\

It's Christmas time again. The shopping, the lights, the dreams are all back in town. But another thing that's in town and isn't recognized much is the visitors. My aunt and uncle came over tonight with a sweet little poem and some treats, followed by some of my neighbors. It's funny how I never really see anyone out and about, let alone in my house, until it's the Christmas holiday. People (including myself) really should get out more.

But one thing I don't like about Christmas is the constant ringing of the phone. My parents and I are all in leadership positions in my community, and with the season comes a lot more work and responsibility. My favorite phone call was the one asking if I'd wanted red poinsettias for the program or white ones. I didn't want any poinsettias, so we ended up settling for red. You have to give people what they want sometimes, I guess. They were pretty, but I think it was a little too..................much.

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