Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring break saturday...

  • BYU Ballroom performance
  • Jordan's house
  • Ruthie's house-Howl's Moving Castle
As you've probably guessed, this week has been Spring Break. Saturday was pretty much as epic as Friday, but it wasn't quite as long. I slept in.

BYU Ballroom-My family and I went to the matinee performance of BYU Ballroom Company's show "Encore". It was really, really cool. Some things that I learned:
  • Choreographers really, really like Cha Chas, sambas, and waltzes.
  • The opening theme of "Pirates of the Caribbean" is a waltz.
  • The West Coast Swing champion couple from California? Well-they can be outdanced.
  • Costumes really can make or break a dance.
  • You can do ballroom dance to hymns!? Yes.
  • I suck at ballroom.
  • I really, really, really. Suck. At ballroom.

One really cool thing about going to this was that the man we sat to was the guy who taught the ballroom dance couple on the Lawrence Welk Show (spelling?). He used to have a studio in California, and he taught Bobby and the girl he danced with. That was really cool. He told us a lot of stuff about touring and teaching, and he was really nice, too.

Jordan's House-I don't really remember why, but somehow Ruthie and I ended up at Jordan's house (again). We both knew that he was going on a date with Martie to the ballroom performance I'd seen that morning, but we went over anyways. I thought he'd left an hour before, but apparently he hadn't because he was the one who answered the door. Martie and Jordan had decided that she would wear her red Homecoming dress and he would wear his Chamber Choir tux to match her, just for fun. He opened the door all dressed up, and he was wearing his "highway patrol man" sunglasses, and the first thought in my mind was "Oh, gosh. He is hot." And then I felt bad; I don't have a crush on him or anything, and besides, that's disloyal to my best friend. It's a fine line, and I feel like I cross it quite frequently. Makes me feel bad. :P

Anyway, Ruthie and I stayed after Jordan left and hung out with Jason and the kids. They invited us to eat dinner with them (which I did-first time), and then we helped clean up the dishes. A waterfight almost broke out, but only just. I love helping out at their house. It's really fun, and Jason and I mess with each other all the time.

Pretty soon Ruthie's mom called and asked if we wanted to go over to Ruthie's house to watch a movie. That sounded like a good idea, so we did!! And it was fun:

Howl's Moving Castle-So, the book and the movie are very different. And I, personally, think that Howl looks WAY too much like a girl/is too beautiful. It kind of bothered me the whole movie. Other than that it was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

Sitting next to Jason was more enjoyable though. I felt kind of awkward, because the couch was full of people and we were really close, and I was super tired. I was afraid I was going to fall asleep and land on his shoulder or something. Ruthie let me borrow a jacket (which once belonged to Aries kid), and I kind of used that as a pillow. I still felt kind of paranoid, because secretly I found myself actually wanting to be close to him. Stupid girl. I'm ridiculous.

Jordan came over a little later, and he and Ruthie went to buy poster board for their drama assignment which they both forgot about. Jason and Kyle drove me home, and I got a hug again! Hugs from friends are the greatest ever, really.

It was a good last day of break.


Danika said...

I didn't know Howl's Moving Castle was a book too! I may have to check that one out. :)

COLEMAN said...

A guy from Laurence Welk Show????!
That's awesome!!!!!!!

(Note: You may like the "Laurence Welk on Saturday Night Live---not like I watch it, my cousins showed me it on Youtube---, you may think it's funny.

Also, my little brother Cy wants me to read "Howl's Moving Castle"


COLEMAN said...


COLEMAN said...

---Sorry, the link didn't work, but here it is:

Inkgirl said...

Ballroom's clumsy, but fun. AT least, from my experiences, it's capable of being fun.