Friday, December 5, 2008

Festival of Trees

I got to go to Festival of Trees twice this year! It's held in the Sandy Expo Center in Salt Lake (ish) every year as a benefit for the Primary Children's Hospital. The first time I went was on Wednesday with my family. I saw pretty much all of the trees and all of the gingerbread houses, including the Twilight one with Edward in the tree outside and the five foot tall Wellington Castle replica. My favorite tree was made out of blown glass. COMPLETELY made of blown glass. It was absolutely amazing! My other favorite tree was, of course, the Twilight one. And then the one that was a Candy Land Castle. And an angel tree. And...yeah. I liked it a lot.

The next day I went during school with FBLA. So much fun. I spent most of my time making crafts, and the favorite one I did was a teddy bear for a child who has to spend Christmas in the hospital. At the festival, you can purchase a bear for five dollars to decorate and donate for a kid. I picked a white, bespectacled bear and dressed him up. I put on a red cap with a yellow rick-rack border, a red ribbon tie, and two yellow buttons on his tummy. I named him Artie. He was adorable, and we ended up on the news together! Horror of horrors, because I HATE the way I look, but Artie made up for it. I hope the kid who gets him likes him.

I love Festival of Trees. Decorating bears, coloring and painting ornaments, getting my face painted, looking at trees. It all makes me so happy. I wish it happened more often. But then it wouldn't be as special, I guess.

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