Sunday, December 28, 2008


bored. i am not even comprehending how bored i am. i am so not comprehending it that i can't even type with capitol letters anymore. or capital. i can never remember which one stands for which word.

my parents are "discussing" right now. in very loud voices. i'm starting to feel like violet. my parents are always arguing, my annoying little siblings can both run faster than me, and i wish i were invisible. only difference is that i can't be invisible.

wow, my feet are cold. and my dog is laying on me. she's a very warm puppy. i love my puppy. she has this pink little tongue that gives amazing kisses. whenever i cry, she always hops onto my lap and kisses my tears away. if i don't stop after awhile, she whines and puts her paws on my cheeks, like she's cradling my face. her eyes get all soft and worried, and she cocks her head to one side and licks my nose. it's like she's telling me that everything is all right, and that she loves me and she's there for me.

i think i want to message david archuleta on myspace and thank him for his album. i got it for christmas, and the songs on it really mean a lot to me. trouble is, will he actually get it, and will he just laugh? i guess it doesn't really matter. he doesn't know who i am, so if he laughs who cares! i think i will.....if i'm not too lazy.

my table looks so pretty. see? it's made out of alder and some sort of orangey-red wood that i forget the name of. it looks red because of the lacquer and finish that i put on it, a natural color is what i chose. the black edging in the mosaic top stinks really bad when you put it on. it's like tar, but it smells toxic. i think it is, actually. my teacher says it's called bondo, but my supervisor says that you only use that stuff for metal. oh well. i love it. i love it so much i even took pictures to share with you. here's how it turned out:

the drawer even opens!!!

yes, i know. it's pretty much amazing. i love it. next year, or sometime in college, i hope to make an armoir to match. yay. i love woods. be proud of me, q. i'm going to admit that i'm good at something. I AM GOOD AT BUILDING THINGS!!! yay.


Amber Lee said...

your table is beautiful. i am so impressed!

Q said...

When you're not putting legs on the wrong way, that is... :P

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Haha. A lot of people did that. Fortunately, I was not one of them. I helped a lot of boys straighten out their mistakes. It was pretty fun.

Wow, I have a lot of brothers from that class now. Yay me.