Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have not posted in forever long. Sorry 'bout that. Too many things to worry about.

So I was diagnosed with more problems last week. Yippee. I'm failing three classes. Double yipyippee. Work is lame and my supervisor hates me. Well, I think he does. I'm not totally sure about that. He just is always mean.

Good thing that happened: I had time to eat lunch today and Mr. Carpenter didn't give us any homework. Which means that I have time to catch up on the homework assignments I missed so that I won't be even more behind. Yay.

I'm going to go play some games. See y'all.


kc said...

I know how you feel about the whole missing schoolwork stuff. I miss two days of school and I feel like I'm half a unit behind everyone else :P Good luck with your catch-up! *hugs

Tiana ba Llama said...

oops. um yeah, that comment was from me. I didn't realize that Kaika was still logged in. Sorry!