Friday, March 1, 2013

you know it's love when... eat Disney princess Sphagettio's and drink Martinelli's for dinner together, and he talks about how much he enjoyed it for three days after
...he tells you that you're beautiful when your hair is a mess, you have no make-up on, and you're wearing sweats -- and you believe him
...a single text message can brighten your entire day get butterflies from a simple kiss on the forehead or the back of your hand
...his advice for your biographical sketch on your scholarship application includes "write 'I'm the smartest, coolest, most beautiful girl at the school and you should give me money because someday, when my face is on a magazine, BYU will be famous, too. But not as famous as me because I'm just that awesome." do dishes together and it's no longer a chore
...he tells your dog that he loves her and that she's a beautiful sweetheart're encouraged to do your best and be your best, even when you personally don't want to
...he falls asleep on the floor next to the couch as you type up your paper, and when you ask him why he didn't just go home he replies and says, "Because I know that you've been hurting a lot lately, and it's easier for you to deal with when you're not alone -- just my being here helps you feel better. I love you." can't help but smile at the mere memory of the look on his face when he says that he loves you never open a door and you never carry something heavier than 10 pounds
...little notes and small treats mean more to you than the most expensive dinner or most elaborate evening out
...a single rose becomes a treasured possession wish you could express the way you feel, but it's so incredible and beautiful that no words, no pictures, no music -- nothing -- can do justice to the joy and wonder that you feel inside


Whitney Leigh said...

girl, you found it.
hold tight and don't let go.

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Tiana ba Llama said...

You're making me cry, sweet girl! Happy for you. :)