Monday, May 26, 2008

Recent Events

So, a tally for me to keep track of the natural disasters that have been happening. There are so many lately that I'm having a hard time keeping track.

  • California, brought two inches of snow, giant mudslides, and hail the size of golf balls.
  • Iowa, 7 people dead so far, 50 or more injured.
  • Minnesota, 1 person dead so far, 20 or more injured.
  • Wyoming, a mile wide tornado.
  • Colorado, mile and a 1/2 wide tornado traveled for 35 miles (1 dead in Wyoming or Colorado tornados, I can't remember where.)


  • California wild fires
  • Florida wild fires


  • Colombia, 45 second earthquake, no count as to how many dead, injured, or misplaced as yet.
  • China, earthquake literally flattened Shang Diu (spelling, I dunno). Thousands dead, injured, and missing.


  • Mayanmar (Burma), massive hurricane hit a couple of weeks ago. Country officials not allowing aid to enter country.

Now I have to ask, due to all of the tornadoes in the middle states-Does my family really want to go to Nauvoo this summer? I think not.

And to all of my friends who read this blog-I am starting a clothing/hygiene-kit drive this week or next. I have to find out the details of what the Humanitarian Aid Center needs, and I'll post a list as soon as I get one. You can drop stuff off at my house if you'd like to when I get a list up.

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