Friday, January 14, 2011


Do you ever ask mind boggling questions? I do. Granted, something that blows my mind may make complete sense to you, and vice versa. But just for a minute, imagine this:

Imagine all of the people in the world. All of them-not groups of people, but each specific individual in every single place of the world. Imagine the sheperd boy, the village girl, the man stuck in traffic, the woman at the grocery store, the youth looking out the window in school. What are they thinking? What are they feeling? Every person has thoughts and emotions, dreams and fears.

Now imagine every single animal. Where they are, what they're doing, thinking, and feeling. Add in every insect. Now the plants. Imagine every rock, stick, leaf, bug, cat, dog, everything.

Imagine every action and system in the world. Imagine each cell. Each tiny, invisible cell and think about how it works. How it just does is job, and allows everything to function.

Imagine it all-even the things I haven't mentioned. There are a lot; I promise. Imagine it.

Do you feel small? I sure do.

Now, with that perspective, step back and ask yourself this question: Do I believe in God?


Woman in a Window said...

First off, I love how you think! Sometimes when I arrive in a city I am overwhelmed like this. I have these memories of being in a bus terminal or on a street and having a moment of clarity inwhich I look up and see everyone and almost here their breathing and know that they are ripe with story and poignancy of feeling and then and then oh god, and then, to know they are but a dot, less than a dot, representing life moving, roiling, important. Whew. I cry. I have. Yup, look pretty mental out there.

But your question that follows about god doesn't necessaryily have to, I think. Or maybe. I'm trying to sort it out this minute. IT is all so large, yes. And we are most definitely infinitely small, yes. But the question of god always rests there quietly like a leaf of paper on a sidewalk no matter if the sidewalk is empty or littered with people. The question is a quiet one, one that we can never answer but for ourselves.

For me, I do not feel alone. And then again, in moments that feel like clarity, I feel awfully alone, but perhaps that is a desperate lie. I'll not figure that one out. But all that I know, all that I am able to know in the way that I am currently wired, is that all of those other lives, that buzzing, that energy, it is so intricate and beautiful. So painfully wonderful, intricate and beautiful. That's all I know.


Georgie K. Buttons said...

I never thought about it that way. This is probably why my Philosophy class is making me want to scream; I'm only addressing things from my view point. To me, all things point to a god--to me, how could there not be? But to someone else, maybe god is a different thing. A different definition. Maybe it's something I haven't explored, or something I've overlooked. I'll have to think about this more. Thank you. :)