Friday, January 28, 2011

what do you dream about?

"To sleep: perchance to dream".
-Hamlet, William Shakespeare

It's funny what you don't notice until it's gone. For me, it's pretty much the ability to sleep well or to sleep at all. For those who would suggest some sort of herbal sleep supplement...I tried it. Made it worse. Frustrating life.

After averaging two hours of sleep for an entire week, I was sure that I would sleep like a rock (if they do indeed sleep) last night. Well...I got the chance to dream, but I wouldn't call it sleeping. Mostly because I got out of bed feeling worse than I had when I got into bed.

The reason? Dreams. Many of them. For me, dreams are in bright colors, with vivid, VIVID action, reasoning, and frequently a plot that keeps going and going. And the other part? In the dreams I am aware that I am dreaming, but I can't wake up. So no matter how terrible or fun it is, I won't wake up until my alarm goes off or the dream ends.

Last night was full of dreams. The basic ideas? I shall list them:
  • Burning buildings with myself and many people I knew and didn't know stuck inside
  • Losing all of my homework when my grandparents' house burned down
  • Walking through cemeteries putting coins on gravestones in order to release the angry or sad ghosts who were stuck on earth
  • Hitting a girl's car who I went to high school with (we are not friends in reality)
  • Debating about ice cream flavors while walking through a huge ice cream grocery store with three girls I went to school with: one was the girl who I am not friend's with whose car I hit during the above listed dream, another who I haven't seen since jr. high, and the last who is a dear friend that currently lives in Wyoming
  • A ghost woman leading me down a pitch black tunnel
  • A cursed necklace that I could not take off no matter how I tried, which pulled me by some invisible force into a cemetery that looked very much like the one in Logan during the fall (the necklace had two rectangular gold pendants with strange writing on them, and a diamond studded skull)

That was all in one night. These are just the small descriptions of the dreams; I could probably write some sort of short story from each one. I'm not particularly interested in doing that right now though. I like to avoid revisiting the scary stuff in detail.

So now my question is this: what do you dream about?


Q said...

I don't sleep enough to dream very often, but when I do it's always really strange. Like during a nap a few weeks ago I dreamed there was a stairway in my closet that led to another girl in the dorm's closet. That was weird.

spider said...

I can't believe you remember so many dreams from one night.

The last dream I can remember was a few nights ago. There was some sort of human trafficking ring being run out of Target, and my grandma sold me into it.

I hope you start to sleep well again.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: Tis odd indeed.

spider: Human trafficking through Target...possible. Scary thoughts, lol.