Friday, January 27, 2012

noticed lately...

Sometimes I wake myself up because I've stopped breathing in my sleep.

The speakers hanging from the wall in my choir classroom are installed upside down.

I don't like eating food that has been stored in a lunchbox. Maybe a little germaphobic.

Rules in society seem to fall under the pirate code: "They're more like guidelines, instead of actual rules."

White socks with black shoes look really funny. Case in point, what I wore today...ugh.

A surprising amount of people do not bring a writing utensil with them to class. Um...last time I checked, we were in college. I'm checking again...we're still in college. Right? Chances are, you're going to need a writing utensil. Preferably one that isn't mine.

If I get to bed before 11:30pm, I either don't dream or the dreams aren't too bad. If it's after 12:00am, I dream a LOT and they usually aren't happy.

It bugs me when people eat sandwiches/hamburgers/other kind of food like that in a straight across, or "normal", fashion. Why? I eat mine in circles. All of the rest of you are weird. And when I say all, I mean all because obviously I'm not the weird one for being the only person to eat a sandwich in a circle. Sheesh!

Pizza never sounds appetizing on a Wednesday.

Why is it that pants never fit right in the waist? There's always extra fabric that just sits there with no purpose other than to look funny. Everywhere else fits fine. Just not the waist.

When I wear my "motorcycle" boots I feel super confident.

Every time I see a girl with a black eye I get really worried.

Five minutes is a really, really long time if you're watching the clock.

The five categories of men I've encountered at BYU:
1. Married guys = normal friends and/or professors
2. Guys in relationships = cautious friends
3. Single guys = completely ignore me (again, completely)
4. Gay guys = instant and most dramatic friends
5. High school guys visiting for conferences = only guys who show any interest at all


Q said...

Hold the phone. There are gay guys at BYU???

Jeans don't fit you in the waist because you actually have a figure. For some reason, jeans manufacturers don't think women should have those. Most jeans don't fit my waist either, though I like the Fit 1 Merona jeans from Target. Welcome to the wonderful world of curves! Curves are awesome.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Oh, honey, BYU is the happenin' place for gay men. Especially in the theater department...and the dance department. They even have a club for gays and lesbians. It's just not supported by the university. They let them hold meetings, but they don't endorse them.

Note for those reading the comments: BYU is a private university run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Our church believes in non-discrimination and tolerance, but is against the practice of gay/lesbian relationships and marriage. So...we don't condemn at all! We like people. We just don't condone certain lifestyles. :)