Sunday, November 25, 2012

should have been an English major...

Remember that 12 page paper?


In 4 hours.


And I actually feel that it's pretty decent for the most part. There are a couple of places that need some polishing, but seeing as the final product isn't due until December 13th (a complete draft is needed for full credit during the in class work shopping), I have some time to spruce it up (like a Christmas tree -- yep, it's almost midnight).

Now to take it to school tomorrow and have it peer reviewed. Which means that after I get the 100% grade for bringing it in and having another student look at it, I will promptly disregard all of his/her remarks and take it to the Writing Center for a coworker to look at instead.

Anthropology students struggle at peer reviews. Just saying.

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Holly said...

i was going to say, great job!
but am currently preoccupied with unwarranted jabs at my departmental family members -- hey now, hey now...