Sunday, November 4, 2012

you know those times when... sit at your computer for hours with the intention of starting a paper/essay/research project, but you end up staring at the screen because you can't seem to get started? lay in bed for hours with the blankets over your head while you cry because no matter how tired you are, you can't fall asleep? park yourself on the couch and enter the woman's version of the "nothing box," which is when you're thinking about so many things that it becomes absolutely unintelligible, the thoughts so disconnected it's as though they're not even happening? look at your bank statement and feel utter shock course through you as you see how little money you have left, and can't seem to remember what you spent it all on? wish you could talk to someone, but every time you try, no one listens because they start talking about how hard their own lives are or lecturing you on what you should do, should have done, or aren't doing enough of? look at your calendar and want to stow away on a plane to Australia, where no one can find you and make you face your responsibilities? wonder if there's any point to anything that you're doing anymore?

Pretty sure most people have those times. We'll get through them -- one day at a time. Just keep trying.

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