Thursday, February 4, 2010

slightly frustrating...

  1. People not paying attention during rehearsals, therefore wasting valuable time
  2. Rehearsal overlaps
  3. Techie-performer clashes (luckily I don't have to worry about it because I'm friends with pretty much every single techie [Thespian Troupe 3490 for the win!!] but's annoying when two groups of friends don't like each other at all [West Side Story, anyone?])
  4. The short girls and boys in the "Amereeca" dance being stuck on the back row while the tall girls and boys get put on the front row (most of whom can't even dance as well as the short people)
  5. Singers who stand still with no movement whatsoever and the song dies
  6. People not showing up to rehearsals that they really did know about but "forgot"
  7. Getting sick and getting steadily worse with the concert one week away
  8. Being half an hour late to rehearsal because of mentioned illness
  9. People not taking costumes seriously
  10. Costume that took so much time and so much effort being too long in the torso (short!!)
Among other things. And now I'm going to bed because I really am sick and it's stupid. But at least I'm smiling because:

  1. Tiana is an amazing friend
  2. Jordan is an amazing friend
  3. Paul is an amazing friend and gives really, really good massages. He is my new headache medicine.
  4. Lots and lots of people have come up to me to tell me that I'm a good dancer
  5. I have a soft, soft, soft bed
  6. Mrs. Davis said that I'm doing fantastic on the samba and that she's very pleased with how quickly I've caught up then moved ahead
  7. Brad (BYU Young Ballroom Dance Team member) being my partner for the test next Tuesday in Ballroom
  8. Kevin agreeing to be my math tutor
  9. Andrew's outrageously HIDEOUS colorful shirt with ridiculous patterns all over it that he's wearing for the show because "it's flamboyant and colorful and that's what they wanted for the Sharks" while yelling out "Lawn-da-ree (laundry), ah ha ha!!" during "Amereeca" when we sing about having washing machines. It totally made my day.
  10. Being able to sleep in tomorrow despite afternoon rehearsals because there's no school!!
So yeah. Frustrated, but still happy.


Coleman said...

Hope you have a good practice:D

Deny Binsar Mangisi said...

hi visit and follow please.
nice to meet u^