Wednesday, February 3, 2010

UBSCT testing = sleeping in!! wait...

This week is UBSCT testing (Utah Basic Skills Competency Test). It's for sophomores, and you have to pass it to graduate. This means yes, there are occasionally some juniors and seniors involved. I took it my junior year for the first time because 1) I had no idea it was going on, 2) I didn't even go to MVHS most of the time (I was at the alternative high school to catch up on work that I'd missed after getting sick at the start of second term), and 3) I was taking classes at the college that were during the same time as the test.

Anyways, usually people not taking the test get to stay home from school until 10:00 am. People generally go to breakfast or sleep in. No sleeping in for A Cappella students. Yesterday and today were the morning rehearsals for "Seasons of Love". 7:45 am - 10:00 am. Also costume checks for all people involved. Mine are mostly done; one is too long and the other one is...too long. SHORT.

It's been crazy. Loud, boring, crazy, and tiring. It's also been fun, for the most part. I've just been very tired, and kind of really sick. My voice is leaving!! Not a good thing at all. And I'm worried about a lot of stuff, and I'm pretty sure my friend(s) isn't/aren't going to come see the show even though he/they told me that he/they would. *sigh* Oh, well!! I'm finding out that I have a LOT more friends that I thought I did, and they're all pretty wonderful.

Good night, now. :)

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