Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it could happen to you...

"I don't know what my body's doing--I just live in it."
-Erin Haskell

So you know how you hear stories about things that go wrong with people's health? Usually the reactions are along the lines of--out loud--"Oh, dear, that's awful. I'm so sorry!" And then inside, sometimes you think Jeez, I'm so glad that's not me or sometimes, That'll never happen to me.

Well, I'm feeling kind of like that quote above right now. I don't know what my body is doing, but it sure doesn't feel very good. I finally went to the doctor today. I very much dislike going to the doctor. Dislike. However, after the last few days a blood test or exam looked a lot less painful than whatever is going on.

Now I've got some meds to see if they'll help. I really hope they do. If they don't, well. Let's just say it won't be fun.


Jason said...

"Oh, dear, that's awful. I'm so sorry!"

No, but seriously. I hope you get better, lemme know if you need anything. Health problems aren't fun; I consider myself an expert.

I think people's general reaction comes from surprise and not knowing how to react. Does that make sense? People aren't used to thinking or talking about their health; they leave that part to the doctor. So when people start talking about it, especially if it's something mildly serious, something they don't personally have experience with, they get awkward. They can't relate, so sometimes they feel like it's a bit TMI even. Then they think, "Well, that must be awful. I think."
I think mainly it's just because people care, but don't know how to relate or react. I actually find it funny.

I'll spare you my lecture on natural medicine, lol.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

I dunno if natural medicine is going to help on this one...