Friday, July 20, 2012

he was so cute I couldn't help it...

Once upon a time, Callie bought a Betta and named him Thomas. In her excitement, however, she forgot that Bettas cannot live in a pet store plastic bag forever, and that they need food and a regularly cleaned tank. Since Leonardo's death has left me feeling very sad and lonely for a little fish, I decided that I would make sure that Callie gave Thomas the best care I know how to provide. So down to Walmart I went (because their glass fish bowls are only five dollars, unlike the pet store ones which are fifteen) to create a fish starter kit for Callie.

While perusing the shelves in search of Betta food and care items, I noticed a handsome little guy sitting on the shelf near the bowls. I kept telling myself, no, you don't need another fish, and you don't even WANT another fish. Back to comparing prices and quality I went. But for some reason, I could not stop looking at that little fish.

Against my better judgment, I bent down and examined the handsome little guy who was swimming lazily in circles. He was very chill about things, swimming with what I can only call a saunter in his tail and a devil-may-care look on his face. I could almost hear him say, "Hey. How you doin'?" as he swam another lap in his cup. And right then I knew that the cool fish on the shelf was about to move out and take up residence in my living room.

My friends, meet Raphael. He's a 3 inch long Crowntail Betta, mostly blue and red in color with purple highlights in the fins, tail, and gills. He enjoys swimming laps around the bowl and blowing bubbles on the surface of the water.

He's not afraid to strut his stuff, this one.

Basically, he's attractive and he knows it.

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