Monday, July 16, 2012

reasons why I hate crying...

  1. Mascara runs down your face when it isn't waterproof.
  2. It also gets in your eyes and stings, but if you rub them to stop them from hurting you end up looking like a raccoon.
  3. The dog gets worried.
  4. Your eyes swell up and turn red.
  5. Your nose can swell, too, and also turns red.
  6. It gives you a headache.
  7. Sometimes when you start, you can't stop.
  8. Not only do your eyes run, but your nose can, too.
  9. It sounds weird.
  10. If people notice, they want to know what's wrong -- then when you explain, you sometimes cry harder and can't talk.
  11. It's hard to think when crying.
  12. Either you cry all the time, or you can't cry at all.

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