Wednesday, September 5, 2012

in my language...

People have different ways of feeling loved and appreciated. My mom feels loved when someone listens to her. My dad feels loved when someone spends time with him. One of my friends responds well to physical affection. Another friend likes doing activities. While those are not the only ways that they feel loved, those are the primary things that help them know they are cared for. There are a lot of ways that I know people care, but the main thing for me is tokens of affection. Receiving a small gift or a note or a person doing something nice for me is the easiest way for me to recognize that someone cares. Tokens can be anything, really. They can be a note, or a call record that I can look at on a future day, or a leaf from a walk with a friend, or anything really.

Today has seen an outpouring of love in a language that I respond well to. It actually started last night. It's meant so much to me, and I'm so very grateful for the people who took the time to show me that they're aware of me.

  1. A letter from Jordan
  2. A voice message from Brianna that I saved on my phone
  3. Chocolates and lotion from my landlord's little boy because he wanted to say thank you to me for taking care of his dog
  4. A text message from Sierra that I was able to save and read again later
  5. A CD of LDC music from Ann
  6. Dad stopping by my house while I was at work and getting some cleaning done for me before my landlords arrived
  7. A loaf of bread left on my porch with a pretty ribbon that had a special message for me -- I don't know who it's from, but I'm grateful to them
  8. A note on my Facebook page from Alyssa
Even though it's been a hard day, I've felt loved. I have all of these little reminders that I can hold and look at and experience again. So to my friends and family, thank you.

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Sierra said...

Glad I could help a little :)