Friday, September 14, 2012

side job...

...there are few things better than... 

...hearing little voices yell, "She's here! She's here!" when you walk in the door
...being almost thrown off-balance by a hug from Cade as he flings his arms around your knees
...seeing Corrine model her new pajamas (called her "Minnies" in honor of the character on the fabric) after her dad tells you that Corrine has been waiting all day to show you
...receiving a big kiss on one cheek from a laughing little boy and on the other from a grinning little girl
...listening to Cade sing all of the words to the Mickey Mouse Club House theme song as he dances around the front room
...having arms thrown around your neck as a little person whispers "I love you" in your ear
...carrying a sleeping princess up the stairs to bed
...snuggling with a three-year-old in a big, cushy chair and falling asleep to Octonauts in front of the TV
...being asked to stay by Cade when mom and dad came home
...hugs and tiny voiced "good nights!"

How did I get so lucky to be asked to be a babysitter? 

And may I just say...I would rather cuddle with a three-year-old boy than with a grown-up boy any day. No offense, guys. 

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