Thursday, April 4, 2013

bunnies need a home, too...

Adam and I go grocery shopping together now. It was his idea -- he decided that because he eats so often at my house that he should share the costs. That was a huge relief for me, seeing as things are quite tight for me financially. Our last trip was the weekend before Easter. We went to the grand old land of Winco, and my sweet boy's sweet tooth got the better of him -- and so did my sense of fun and nostalgia. After all, we did officially meet at a gingerbread house making party a few weeks before Christmas. So it only made sense...

Yes. We bought a bunny house kit. You know, like a gingerbread house kit, but for bunnies. And we had a little help from Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli, too.


Adam's roof work

bunny lovin' 

Finished! Except for Adam's bunny -- which got eaten by Kala. 

Hoppy Easter!

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